Grab bag

This “no internet till noon” business is killing me. I swear the minutes between 11:40 am and 12:00 pm have begun to pass more slowly. It is NOT an illusion or some Einsteinian relativity thing. It’s just. too. slow!

(Good for productivity, though…)

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While I don’t know anything about Le Clezio, the man who today won the Nobel for literature, I liked what French President Sarkozy had to say about him:

“A child in Mauritius and Nigeria, a teenager in Nice, a nomad of the American and African deserts, Jean-Marie Le Clezio is a citizen of the world, the son of all continents and cultures,” Sarkozy said. “A great traveler, he embodies the influence of France, its culture and its values in a globalized world.”

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I don’t normally take much interest in high fashion, because it’s usually too concept-y and not very practical (or attractive). But last night I channel surfed right onto Project Runway, and I was blown away by Leanne’s collection for Fashion Week. Really gorgeous lines and colors. I’d love to own/wear that stuff. (Also would love to look that good wearing it…)