My little guy's not so little anymore

Dear Riley,

practically begging to model 006

Thanks for putting up with me.

riley night 001

And cheering me on when I stay up late to write.

Beth's puppies! 006

I’m not going to say too much more, because I wrote you a letter just last week, and you can’t even read. But I wanted to let you know how much I cherish you, how much you’ve enriched my life, and how even though I’m sure lots of people will think, “Omigod it’s just a freaking dog,” I don’t care. Watching you mature from a puppy into a dog this past year has been an incredibly rewarding experience. You’re not perfect, but you’re a lot better than I ever could have hoped or expected, considering I was partly responsible for raising you.

St X with Riley 006

You make me laugh. You keep me company. You create adventure. You remind me not to take anything too seriously.

Thank you. And happy 2nd birthday, buddy.