Week in review (Nov 13, 2014)

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  • Last week Andy had business in Orlando, so I joined him afterward and we spent the weekend at Disney World and Universal Orlando as a honeymoon of sorts. We had done Disney years earlier — our first trip together as a couple, in fact — but Universal was new to us. I was very excited for the Harry Potter stuff, and it did not disappoint. Hogwarts! Gringotts! (My favorite ride, fyi.) Platform 9 ¾. Ollivander’s. Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes. Honeydukes. Knockturn Alley. And so much more. The details were amazing. I teared up once or twice, due both to my emotions as a fan, and to my emotions as a writer, imagining what it must be like to have a world that you created come to life so beautifully.
  • In other news, I’m mad at Google Docs. (And myself.) Generally I don’t trust cloud-based services for important things, only for backup or temporary transfer/storage. But in this case, I wasn’t traveling with my laptop, and I had a short document to finish up and send to my agent, so I decided to work on my iPad mini. Using the Google Docs app was actually quite pleasant. Even Track Changes functioned nicely! But I was in offline-mode for most of the time, and when I reconnected to the internet, half my work disappeared. (Like, the document synced backward to an older version.) I’m sure this is a rarity, but once you’ve been burned, you don’t play with fire again. No more working in the cloud for me.
  • I blazed through Season 2 of Longmire. I wasn’t even sure I would watch it, since I was lukewarm on Season 1, but it just kept getting better. Maybe because the characters have all been established, so now we can really mess things up for them. (Hah.) The relationship between Walt and Branch is probably the most compelling for me, because it’s so complicated and nuanced. It’s like a coin spinning on its edge, and you’re just wondering which face it’s going to stop and fall on: healthy and respectful, or ugly and destructive. Unfortunately I have to wait to find out, because Netflix doesn’t have Season 3 yet. Plus, the fate of future seasons of Longmire still hangs in the balance. (I suppose I could read the books.)I also appreciate the stalker subplot, because it highlights the problem of how crimes like that are policed (or rather, not policed), and it shows how even a mentally and physically tough woman like Vic can be made to feel small and scared.


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Week in review (Nov 23, 2014)


  1. Saw the photos of your orlando trip & SO Jealous you got to see Harry Potter world!

    • T.S.-
      Definitely worth a visit someday! Their attention to details, and their desire to make the kid/fan experience special, was just so impressive.

  2. Yikes, that’s a cautionary tale about Google Docs. Unusual or not, that definitely reinforces my nervousness about the whole idea. Like you, I think I’ll just continue to use for backups and file transfers.

  3. You’re the second person I know who’s had a Google Docs problem within the past two weeks. I’m so sorry you lost your work. :( That must have been beyond frustrating. Glad you had an awesome time at Disney, though!

    • Shari-
      Oh really? Hm, maybe there is some sort of glitch happening. That almost makes me feel better, in a strange way. (Not that I would wish it on anyone to lose their work! Just that maybe it wasn’t me being a bozo. :P)

  4. I’ve never been to Disney World before and it sounds so fun.

    And I’m sorry about Google Docs. That’s really horrible. I’d be very, very frustrated. :( I save important files directly to Dropbox, which saved me a few months back when my laptop suddenly died on me, but now I’m questioning the wisdom of doing that. I don’t know if Dropbox can also sync backwards.

    • Emy-
      I tend to trust Dropbox a bit more, because it’s just generally less glitchy (in my experience), but yeah, after this, I’m kind of nervous about how it chooses to sync…

  5. bigmousyhead

    Hey i watch Longmire. Or I used to. There are guns in that show. This has been very insightful commentary on the show. You’re welcome.

    • Ding-
      I didn’t know you watched Longmire! Although now that you say it, haha, I guess I’m not *totally* surprised.

  6. I can’t open some of my novel edits because of the CLOUD. I MAIL MY WORK TO ME.

    • Nanette-
      Aw… Sorry to hear you’ve had trouble with the cloud too. But yeah, emailing work to yourself can serve as a backup system too. It has saved me once or twice in the past!

  7. Oh, no! So sorry to hear about your cloud experience! I get nervous about that, too, but I can’t imagine what it would be like to lose all those changes! Especially when you’re traveling, so time is extra short.

    And the Harry Potter display at Universal Studios sounds amazing! I haven’t been to Disney World since I was a kid, but I’m sure we’ll go now that we have our daughter. Looking forward to trying out some of the cool new stuff.

    • Caryn-
      The big thing at these resorts/theme parks now is the combination of 3D technology with rides. (And sometimes “4D.”) It’s pretty neat, because it feels so interactive. But too many of those types of rides in a row did make me a bit nauseated, lol…

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