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Mon Mar 2 2009

Good Bad Ugly: WTF edition

Ugly: I’m sick again for the 4th time in 6 months. WTF immune system. WTF.

(And for anyone wondering, I am taking good care of myself, so I’m not sure what’s going on…)

Bad: Seeing as I can barely sit upright for more than 15 minutes, I’m thinking there will be no new Twenty-Somewhere today. Sorry!

Good: Last week I came up with a new book idea. It’s very different from what I normally write, but I’m excited!

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Thu Feb 19 2009

Good Bad Ugly: Link/List edition

Ugly: Tatiana’s laugh/scream. She did a good job toning it down after she made it into the Top 36, and I did feel bad for her getting cut from American Idol last night, but seriously? Listen again. And make sure you’re not near any windows.

Bad: I’ve been at a loss for words lately, both here on the blog and in my writing. There’s a lot of “soul-searching” occurring in my tiny little head, so there isn’t much brainpower left for anything else. I feel very strange and unsatisfied when I’m not working on a story, but I don’t think I’m quite ready to dive back in yet. Good lord, I hope that changes soon. Like, today soon.

Good: I’ve got a whole list, so bear with me. (And blame Katy, the list-lover!)

• Supposedly I have won an iPod Touch! (I say supposedly only because I haven’t received it yet and don’t want to jinx it.) For those of you thinking HOW and WHY and IHATEYOU, I can only say, “Giveaway at To Think Is To Create,” “Luck,” and “Hmm, that’s not very nice.”

• After months of arguing with my dad about domain names, my mom finally settled the matter and just picked one. Introducing the website for my parents’ printing company, Grafikshop, designed by yours truly. (It’s nothing special, but I hope it helps them out!)

• My friend Margot came up with a very original, very hilarious response to the Octuplet Mom. (Do I think 14 babies is crazy? YES! Especially if you can’t afford them!)

• Last but not least, we’re taking Andy’s mom to Chicago this weekend! It’s Andy’s Christmas present to her, because she’s never been and we love going. Our plan is to visit a couple parks and museums, see Jersey Boys, and shop a bit. Now let’s just hope it doesn’t get too abysmally cold…

What’s your Good/Bad/Ugly?

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Thu Jan 29 2009

Good, Bad, Ugly: Mini blizzard edition

Okay, tonight I realized this Good, Bad, Ugly format inherently ends on negative notes, so I’m going out of order.

Bad: The roads. Still. At least the local ones. Interstates have been cleared for the most part, but there’s quite a bit of ice and snow covering the little streets by my house and office. I blame that for my coworker Jeremy’s ability to talk me into buying a Subaru for my next car.

Ugly: Andy getting home at 1:30 a.m. last night thanks to the bad weather. Apparently someone decided plowing I-75 between Dayton and Cincinnati just wasn’t that important.

Good: Neighborliness. These past couple of days, I’ve witnessed more acts of neighborliness in any one period than I have… well, ever, I think. Complete strangers lending a hand — or more likely a shovel — to stranded motorists. It’s hard work, and there’s nothing in it for them. These are small acts of kindness, but they move me in a big way.

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Thu Dec 25 2008

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Xmas edition

I’m bringing back this old format, which I’d intended to use regularly but apparently only did once. Oops.

Good: Lowkey Christmas. No wrapping paper (I think we’ll just claim we were being environmental instead of lazy) and not many surprises, but a nice time with family nonetheless.

Bad: Headache and probable sickness on holiday. AGAIN.

Ugly: At the rate I’m going, I won’t meet the Amazon contest deadline… What this may end up translating to is my own version of “How to Lose Friends and Alienate People” come January. You’ve been warned.

(Note: I have neither seen that movie nor read that book, so don’t take that as a recommendation. The title was just apt.)

Sorry, this was supposed to be a more upbeat post than yesterday’s… In truth, things are good. I’m grateful for my wonderful friends and family who I love dearly, and it’s been a nice holiday.

I hope all of you are doing just as well!

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Tue Jun 17 2008

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Good: Cookie dough in the company fridge — that we’re allowed to eat!

Bad: People who call to tell you that they can’t read your email until later in the day. Then call back to say they’re on their way home to read your email. Then call back again to say they’ve read the email, and ask if you would like them to reply now, or via email.


Ugly: (As if the Bad weren’t ugly enough…) 10 pieces of cookie dough in 2 days. That’s almost a baker’s dozen in my belly!

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