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Study buddy

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May the force (of love) be with you

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Me and Riley wishing everyone a very happy Valentine’s Day! Don’t get caught up in the couple-y stuff. Just spread love. After all, it’s the most wonderful and powerful force there is. :)

Let sleeping dogs lie

A supplement of sorts to the previous post.

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Dog days

Your day starts at 6 AM with a dog retching beside your bed. The noise rouses you from dreaming, and you stumble out of the room, urging the dog to follow you to the kitchen and its tiled floor.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t quite make it.

Still half-asleep, you clean up the carpet and then fall back into bed. The dog lies down next to you, wide-eyed and sad, as if he can’t believe his stomach has betrayed him.

An hour later, the alarm goes off, and it’s much too soon. But what can you do? It’s time for breakfast, emails, and work. Not long after that, it’s time for lunch, errands, and work. And a little later, it’s time for dinner and chores, and maybe some more work. The day rolls on, no relief, layering its stresses upon you one tick of the clock at a time.

Finally, when most of your to-do list has been checked off — the rest will have to wait until tomorrow — you settle on the sofa, curling into the corner and sinking into the cushions. The TV is on but you barely hear it. Your eyes are open, but your mind is in Sleep Mode. You feel… nothing.

Minutes pass. Then something moves in the corner of your vision. A paw.

You turn to see your dog tucked into the opposite corner of the sofa, a furry ball of sleep. You watch him. His little belly rises and falls with each slow, soothing breath. His nose twitches. His ears are askew. His eyes have disappeared into the black spots that surround them. His tail is wrapped around him like punctuation mark, and his head is nestled between his front legs.

You smile.

Peace settles over you like a warm blanket. You feel grateful for this one tiny moment, this perfect picture of serenity. You realize that life is a two-sided coin: everything is balanced. Suddenly you don’t feel so stressed.

When you get up, the dog follows. He stands in your closet while you change into pajamas. He sits at your feet while you brush your teeth. He looks at you hopefully when you open the fridge for a glass of water. He jumps onto the sheets when you turn off the lights and slip into bed.

At 11 PM your day ends with a dog resting his head on your leg. You both sleep soundly.

Letter from a disgruntled pup

Dear Momma,

Yesterday I turned 3 years old. But apparently you don’t care, because you didn’t even blog about it until Dad (posing as me) told you to. That’s fine, I see how it is.

Well, maybe someone else will appreciate me. Hey guys, if any of you are interested in an adorable, snuggly, 25-lb. guard dog who can sit, stay, lie down, come, roll over, play dead, shake, catch, and bow, I’m available!

I also make good art…

Savannah Day 2 020

I can carry stuff…

blurry Cincinnati Xmas 007

And if you take me to work, I will increase your productivity (or at least your popularity).

Riley at work 001

Send me your best offers! Bribes are accepted. I prefer kibbles, Frosty Paws, or a thick juicy stick/steak (either one will do).


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