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Mon Jun 18 2012

Hipster Hills

This past weekend, we celebrated Andy’s birthday by finally doing something we’ve been talking about for years: renting a pet-friendly cabin and taking Riley on vacation with us.

This was our “Honeybee Hideaway,” complete with (fake) well and (real) hot tub.

hocking-fakestagram-01 hocking-fakestagram-02
hocking-fakestagram-03 hocking-fakestagram-04

We spent several hours hiking in Hocking Hills, which was shaded and lovely.

hocking-fakestagram-08 hocking-fakestagram-09
hocking-fakestagram-13 hocking-fakestagram-14

We also got to do a little shopping — mostly crafts and antiques — as well as some nature-watching.

hocking-fakestagram-18 hocking-fakestagram-21
hocking-fakestagram-23 hocking-fakestagram-24

Truth be told, we had fun, but it wasn’t exactly a relaxing weekend. See, Riley is a high-energy, anxious pup to begin with, and then you put him in a car. Add in several hours of winding, bumpy country roads, and you have the perfect recipe for a panting, whiny mess. For his sanity (and ours) we probably will not be repeating this experiment, but it was worth doing once.

Note: The hipster look of these photos was brought to you by this set of Photoshop actions that mimic Instagram. A very neat find that I had way too much fun playing with last night…

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Mon May 21 2012

A busy weekend

… of this:

glamour pup 001

glamour pup 003

glamour pup 002

… and this:


… and this:

the banks 003

the banks 001

… and a guest post for Writer Unboxed in which I say something a bit shocking:

Some people might view the change in my goals as a lowering of standards. For me, it’s about understanding and accepting my limits. I mean that in 2 ways. First: Neither literary acclaim nor blockbuster sales are within my control. That’s just the reality. And that’s okay. Second, and this may also be a reality: I might not be cut out to be a professional writer. After a lot of internal struggle, I realized that’s okay too.

To be honest, that post started out a bit differently. The point wasn’t just that I might not be cut out to be a professional writer, but that most people probably aren’t. However, it seemed safer/kinder to focus on my own soul-searching, and then let people see themselves in it (or not).

Also, to be clear: I’m still working towards publication. It’s just that I’ve realized publication shouldn’t be the benchmark for my happiness. If it is, I may or may not ever be happy. But if I focus on the writing, and I let that be its own goal, then I can be happy right now.

(Overcoming a mindset of 15 years is easier said than done, though.)

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Wed Mar 14 2012

Dear Makers of Things That Smell Good To Dogs Even Though Dogs Really Should Not Eat Them

I hate you. My dog ought to hate you too, but he’s kind of dumb. Hence he eats your things. Hence he wakes me up at 4 AM. Hence we hurry half-asleep to the kitchen so he can vomit — a record 6 times. Hence I stay up another 2 hours worried that he’s going to get dehydrated and die. Hence I am miserable and zombie-like today.

No love AT ALL,

PS: Not that you care — because if you did, you wouldn’t make your things smell so damn good to dogs — but Riley is totally fine now. And I am going to take a nap.

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Sun Feb 26 2012

Study buddy

study buddy 003

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Tue Feb 14 2012

May the force (of love) be with you

Photo on 2012-02-14 at 00.03

Me and Riley wishing everyone a very happy Valentine’s Day! Don’t get caught up in the couple-y stuff. Just spread love. After all, it’s the most wonderful and powerful force there is. :)

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