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Unsent letter #80524

Dear Shonda Rhimes (and other Grey’s Anatomy writers),

Please don’t suck.


Quote of the day

Andy: Riley, tell your mom to get her shit together.

I is not a cop-out


Now I have to revise.


In general, I don’t do well with things that are hyped up. Like, god forbid I take part in a trend, right? So I refuse and resist beyond all reason (just ask Angie) and I deny myself the wonder of things like capri pants, ballet flats, and Harry Potter. FOOL! (And yes, Angie, you were right about all of the above.)

In short: me? Not so good with the fads. And in literature, writing in the first person seems to be a very, very big fad right now. It’s something I’ve always sort of thought of as a cop-out, like, shouldn’t you be able to tell a story without having to pretend that YOU are actually telling the story?

BUT. (Butt!) I’ve read a lot of great books written in first person (like anything by Paulo Coelho and Amy Tan) and I know that this stupid prejudice of mine is just that: a STUPID PREJUDICE.

Not only that, but I’ve been thinking. And let me tell you, me thinking only leads to bad things. (Often tears. My own, of course. I don’t make other people cry.) In this case, the bad thing I thought of is that I probably need to rewrite The Good Daughters. In first person.

(I bet if I’d asked Angie, she would have told me that from the start.)

Party pooper

Me: I keep bleeding, keep keep bleeding, looooove!
Dude, how many times are we going to listen to this song on one trip?
Me: We’re on our way back home. That’s a separate trip.

Andy rolls his eyes.

Andy: You know, this is kind of a violent song.
Me: Are you kidding me?
Andy: “You cut me open and I keep bleeding”?
Me: It’s a metaphor!
Andy: Well, metaphor or not, if someone cuts you and you keep bleeding, KEEP KEEP bleeding, then you’re going to bleed to death.

Some days the evil wolf gets fed

poster 003

(Hint: read the poster.)

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