Month: April 2008

  • Unsent letter #80524

    Dear Shonda Rhimes (and other Grey’s Anatomy writers), Please don’t suck. Love, Kristan

  • Quote of the day

    Andy: Riley, tell your mom to get her shit together.

  • I is not a cop-out

    I FINISHED ANOTHER SHORT STORY!! YAAAAHHH!!! Now I have to revise. -_- — In general, I don’t do well with things that are hyped up. Like, god forbid I take part in a trend, right? So I refuse and resist beyond all reason (just ask Angie) and I deny myself the wonder of things like…

  • Party pooper

    Me: I keep bleeding, keep keep bleeding, looooove! Andy: Dude, how many times are we going to listen to this song on one trip? Me: We’re on our way back home. That’s a separate trip. Andy rolls his eyes. Andy: You know, this is kind of a violent song. Me: Are you kidding me? Andy:…

  • (Hint: read the poster.)