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Simplicity strikes

I have this bad habit. It’s an urge to find something — anything — “productive” that I can do instead of what I should be doing. Usually I try to resist this urge, but that’s when things start popping out at me. Things that need doing. Things that can be done quickly — so quickly! — that it’s silly to put them off for even another second, despite the fact that I have that other thing (WRITING) that I should be doing.

So I do the quick thing. And the other quick thing. And the third quick thing that, I know I know, is the third, but really, it’s quicker than the other two!

Suddenly my whole day has flown by, lost to quick things.

Today was just such a day. I started off well, putting in several hours of writing-related work this morning. Then I got the munchies. Then I needed to do dishes. Then I had to make lunch. Then I had to take out the trash. Then I had to go to the bank. And then… I had to redesign my blog!

So there you have it. I’m a compulsive cleaner, room-rearranger, and blog-redesigner. It’s sad — oh so sad — but true. And as the Borg say, “resistance is futile.”

But I did accomplish a few things I’ve been hankering to do:

  • SIMPLIFY. I want the pictures and the words to stand out. I think they do now. Also, there are less crazy colors, so Albert will stop telling me something is pink, or yellow, when it is clearly orange, or tan. White looks white on every screen.
  • Strong “branding.” This is probably because I’ve now been brainwashed by worked at a design firm for over a year. PEOPLE SHOULD KNOW MY NAME, gosh darn it.
  • LINKS! Thanks to the Better Blogroll plugin for WordPress, I can now feature five random links in my sidebar. Meaning I’m not responsible for the order in which they appear, nor who’s on or off the list at any given time — i.e., I CAN’T HURT ANYONE’S FEELINGS. God forbid.

Since I wasted much of my afternoon but can now cross all those things off my to-do list, I’m going to call today a wash. Maybe tonight will be more productive. Or maybe I’ll just watch TV until our flag football game…

Disney Recap: Day 5 – THE END

Note: Foto Fridays will resume next week.


Remember yesterday when I was mocking Andy for being a 12-year-old boy and wanting to do the African safari twice? Well, um, on the last day of our Disney World vacation, I asked if we could go back to Hollywood Studios and play Midway Mania. FOUR more times.

Proof of his love: he said yes.

Day 5 - Last Day (Hollywood again) 002

We also tried to win one of the three-eyed aliens during our lunch at Pizza Planet, but the game was somewhat rigged. We spent most of our quarters playing air hockey instead.

And yes, Andy wore the unnecessarily warm Posluszny jersey all day. To his credit, he did not whine about his accidentally scheduling our vacation on the first Sunday of pro football. (I made him get all that out of the way before we left for Florida.)

Day 5 - Last Day (Hollywood again) 012

And last but not least, we took a backlot tour of Hollywood Studios, where we saw Walt Disney’s private plane, the Mickey Mouse-eared water tower, and this beautiful, beautiful sign.

Day 5 - Last Day (Hollywood again) 026

Beautiful mostly because the people ON it are so attractive. From what I’ve heard, I may be disappointed in Grey’s moving forward. But you know what? Meredith and Derek are back together. So if needed, I can pretend the show ended last year with their reunion. Just like I pretend that Vaughn never died (AND THEN CAME BACK TO LIFE WTH) on Alias.

Anyway, that was the end of our lovely vacation. I have to say, Andy did a superb job planning it out — and making sure I was fed at proper intervals throughout the day — so I think it’s my turn to organize our next vacation. Unfortunately I am both averse to and bad at planning things, and Andy is both averse to and bad at flying by the seat of his pants. So stayed tuned, friends, because next year, our vacation recap may contain a whole lot more CRAZY and whole lot less “magic.” :P

Disney Recap: Day 4 – Animal Kingdom and the Boardwalk

Yes, believe it or not, there are more days from Disney that I have not discussed. But only two. And I’ll go fast, because Animal Kingdom is mostly about the visuals anyway.

Day 4 - Animal Kingdom and the Boardwalk

This is the Tree of Life, the centerpiece of Animal Kingdom. It’s pretty sweet, what with the ANIMALS CARVED INTO THE TRUNK and all. There is also a sweet Bug’s Life-inspired 3D show inside it. Yes, INSIDE the tree.

Day 4 - Animal Kingdom and the Boardwalk 109

First thing we did was the African safari, because we wanted to catch all the critters before it got hot and they wanted to nap. Of course, we forgot that they are critters and therefore like to nap ALL THE TIME. Fortunately we still got to see some.

King of the Jungle.

Day 4 - Animal Kingdom and the Boardwalk 098

Baby elephant + baobab tree.

Day 4 - Animal Kingdom and the Boardwalk 090

Antelope-like things.

Day 4 - Animal Kingdom and the Boardwalk 086

We also did the walking safari of Asia, i.e., saw more animals napping. Like these tigers.

Day 4 - Animal Kingdom and the Boardwalk 125

The meerkats were pretty alert, though. As was the bunny in the habitat with them. Said bunny obviously does not realize he is in ASIA.

Day 4 - Animal Kingdom and the Boardwalk 041 Day 4 - Animal Kingdom and the Boardwalk 044

We also got to meet a few animals in person. Like Tarzan’s friend Turk, and Andy’s favorite Disney character, JC aka Jiminy Cricket.

Note the awesome souvenir Mickey ears we got as our SECOND Dream Come True!

Day 4 - Animal Kingdom and the Boardwalk 166 Day 4 - Animal Kingdom and the Boardwalk 193

Later we went BACK to the African safari, because Andy is really just a bigger version of a 12-year-old boy, and that was his favorite thing of the day. (Like I’m one to talk. Just see what we did on Day 5 when I post about it tomorrow…)

Speaking of faves, this is a baby giraffe. This “baby” is probably like five times my size. And all sorts of gangly and awkward. I heart giraffes.

Day 4 - Animal Kingdom and the Boardwalk 215

Really big rhino.

Day 4 - Animal Kingdom and the Boardwalk 243

Ostrich. Who was in the road. In front of our vehicle. And did not care.

Day 4 - Animal Kingdom and the Boardwalk 246

Just before Animal Kingdom closed, we stopped into Tusker House for our dinner, and let me tell you, that African-influenced buffet was delicious! I particularly loved the passionfruit pastry they had for dessert. And the hummus. Mmm, hummus…

We ended the night by taking the ferryboat over to Disney’s Boardwalk resort, which is right across from the Swan and Dolphin resorts, where my parents and I stayed fifteen years ago. I know this because I still have in my possession MANY complimentary toiletries with swans on them.

Day 4 - Animal Kingdom and the Boardwalk 267

This Day at Disney was brought to you by Capital Letters. ALL OF THEM. Because I know how much Angie loves them. (And I’m too lazy to hit Ctrl-I. Seriously, just holding Shift is so much easier.)


DO NOT GOOGLE “can i make a living as a fiction writer?”


Evil Internet, and my new Writing Nook

A blogger for the LA Times reflects on why writers have so much trouble with the Evil Internet. (I’m not the only one!)

What if typewriters had also been telephones? What if you could press the top of your legal pad and have today’s newspaper pop out? What if your fountain pen broadcast your favorite talk radio station? Today, when the tool of novel-writing is also the primary tool for all kinds of communication, it seems like a miracle that anybody ever gets anything (longer than a blog post) written.


Anyway, from there I found this link to Freedom, which disables a Mac’s internet for a period of time specified by the user, and which I will TOTALLY use if when I get a Mac.

In the meantime, I have established a rule of no internet before noon, and I have set up a new Writing Nook in the living room. Previously I was working at the dining room table, which was fine, but now I no longer have to move ALL my things every night for dinner. I also got that awesome desk — elementary school, anyone? — from a woman on Craigslist, and I LOVE the cubbyhole!

new writing nook 001

It’s maybe not the most attractive setup, but it works. For now, that’s all I need.

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