Recently two of my favorite bloggers, Twenty Four At Heart and Pseudonymous High School Teacher, held giveaways on their birthdays. TFAH actually did a whole week of contests, one of which I won! So, in the spirit of spreading the love, I’ll be holding my own contest/giveaway this Thursday, with the winner announced on Friday, aka Nov 21st, aka my birthday.

Now, I can’t afford to give much, because my part-time salary qualifies me for food stamps — seriously, I just checked — but the value of the prize will be somewhere between 10¢ and $10,000. I’ll leave it to you to figure out which end of the spectrum it’s closer to.

I don’t get many comments [sad face] so I highly encourage everyone to participate. (That means you, lurkers!) Because let’s face it, the odds of winning are pretty decent.

Also, if this turns out to be something we all enjoy, I may try to do it more often. That’s part of the reason there are now advertisements on this site: a girl’s gotta get funding from somewhere! And so far it’s not coming from the writing…

Anyway, tune in on Thursday! And, you know, every day before and after.

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