The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Xmas edition

I’m bringing back this old format, which I’d intended to use regularly but apparently only did once. Oops.

Good: Lowkey Christmas. No wrapping paper (I think we’ll just claim we were being environmental instead of lazy) and not many surprises, but a nice time with family nonetheless.

Bad: Headache and probable sickness on holiday. AGAIN.

Ugly: At the rate I’m going, I won’t meet the Amazon contest deadline… What this may end up translating to is my own version of “How to Lose Friends and Alienate People” come January. You’ve been warned.

(Note: I have neither seen that movie nor read that book, so don’t take that as a recommendation. The title was just apt.)

Sorry, this was supposed to be a more upbeat post than yesterday’s… In truth, things are good. I’m grateful for my wonderful friends and family who I love dearly, and it’s been a nice holiday.

I hope all of you are doing just as well!

What I want for Christmas

Selective hearing. So when my parents say something that annoys me, I can’t hear it, and thus can’t say something back that annoys them.

Also, not to step in poo again. That was gross.

‘Tis the season to be giving

I’ve been meaning to post about Pseudonymous High School Teacher’s Helping Hands challenge for a while, and I figured what better time than right after a 20SW “Pay It Forward” episode? My ways of contributing to my community are small this year, but as they say, “Size doesn’t matter.” (Or is it “the thought that counts”?) Either way, here’s what I’m doing:

  1. Donating money to my old elementary school so they can build a new library.
  2. Volunteering to serve food on Christmas Day with my mom.
  3. Donating winter clothes to GoodWill.

Maybe these things won’t bring world peace or cure any diseases, but I think every little bit counts. If you agree, join me and PHST and the others who started this project.

There are “rules,” but I’m putting a twist on them. Here’s my version:

  1. Find a way to spread holiday cheer. Big or small, doesn’t matter.
  2. (Optional) Blog about it and/or post a comment here.
  3. Challenge others to do something too.

That’s it.

Happy holidays, everyone. I wish you all the best!

Thank you, Pittsburgh airport

For this lovely free wireless!

We finished a wonderful Wedding Mania Weekend, only to endure the Night of No Sleep. Thanks to Riley, we got maybe 3 hours of “rest” last night. And thanks to this abominable cold and snow, Andy is stranded in Whoknowswhere, NY, and I’m waiting on a delayed flight out of Pittsburgh to Houston.

But the show must go on! My plan is to finish writing the next episode of Twenty-Somewhere on the plane, then pass out until we land. I’ll post the episode tonight when I get home.