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So true, so sad

I found this list of Top Ten Ways You Know You’re a Writer at the blog of Kasie West, fellow future published author. Sadly, all of them applied. These were the top 3 for me, though.

6- You are rejected more now than you ever were in high school.

5- Your daily mood is directly correlated to your daily word count.

3- You spend more time with your imaginary friends than with your real ones (and you’re perfectly fine with that).

Like this:

Worst. Sleep. Ever.

Ugh. Woke up with a headache and Cousin It hair today. Didn’t sleep well at all. I blame the dog. He’s a monster in bed.

… Wait a minute, that came out wrong!

Like this:

Foto Friday: Wedding mania

No, not my wedding, don’t worry!

florence wedding photo modified

But we are going to two weddings in one weekend this month. Then Andy’s sister’s wedding in summer of 2009, and another in summer of 2010. Then Alex’s wedding in 2011 (estimated). And who knows what’ll crop up between now and then!

I guess I’m just at that age where everyone and their moms (not literally at this point but I wouldn’t be surprised) are getting married. All I hear about anymore are flower arrangements, reception halls, appropriate dress, head counts, rings… It goes on and on.

(And showers! And babies!)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for everyone — like, really happy — but… it’s weird! When did we grow up? Am I the only one who still wants to run around a playground and watch Disney movies?

Anyway, this photo was taken in Florence (Italy not Kentucky) during the summer of 2006 when I was visiting Mengfei. Loooots of weddings then and there, too. We kind of made a game of stalking couples and taking their pictures. Luckily they were all so happy-in-love that they didn’t care. :)

Like this:

To pack or to purge, that is the question

The other day I happened upon a New York Times op-ed in which writer Laura Miller talks about culling books. When I read it, I simultaneously thought: “How wonderful!” and “How horrible!”

Now you have to understand, I am a compulsive cleaner. I constantly pick up after Andy, who is too concerned with efficiency to bother with things like aiming at the laundry basket or scraping food off plates before putting them in the dishwasher. But me? I fantasize about throwing things away. I revel in dropping off bags at Goodwill, or cleaning out a box by dumping its contents in a trash can and then folding IT up and dropping it in the recycle bin. I burn with desire to get rid of about 75% of the things in my parents’ home — half of which is junk I accumulated growing up, the other half is stuff my dad can’t bear to let go of even though he hasn’t even SEEN it in two years or more. You know, “just in case” he needs it someday.

(He was born towards the end of the Great Depression, so maybe he has some excuse…)

Anyway, being “streamlined” and tidy is a compulsion for me. But it does NOT apply to books.

I love books. The feel, the smell, the pages that turn, and have words on them, and form stories! How could I throw them away? We even have doubles of a few titles on our bookshelf, since we took a couple of the same courses (with the awesome Scott Sandage).

So, since I am too weak-willed and nostalgic when it comes to literature, I must resign myself to the fact that I will probably always have some form of “junk” in my house. I can weed out old clothes that don’t fit, recycle papers I don’t need, even delete music files that I never listen to, but books… books are just too hard to part with.

What do your shelves and drawers look like? Are you a pack rat, or a purger? How do you decide what to keep and what to toss?

Like this:

Dream big, work harder

Girl At Play has more great advice in her post “Living well is more than organic fruit.”

Please go out there and do. Live. Don’t be the same as yesterday. Don’t live vicariously online. Don’t use language that has no meaning or talk ideas you don’t really live. Don’t hide. Don’t copy others or live their ideas or life. Don’t fear doing your thing. Don’t fear doing. Instead of reading a decorating magazine, paint that room. Instead of thinking of baking, do up a cake. Run, walk, bike. Put that self help book down and pick up yourself.

The whole thing is really motivating, but I didn’t want to just straight up copy & paste it here. Instead I’m trying to live it. I’ve reinstated my No Internet Till Noon rule, adding in Daily To Do Lists, and am finding success so far. I am DOING instead of just blogging about wanting to do. Imagine that!

For any writers out there, I also highly recommend “Typing Without a Clue,” an op-ed by Timothy Egan. (Thanks, Mary, for sending it to me!)

Most of the writers I know work every day, in obscurity and close to poverty, trying to say one thing well and true. Day in, day out, they labor to find their voice, to learn their trade, to understand nuance and pace. And then, facing a sea of rejections, they hear about something like Barbara Bush’s dog getting a book deal.

FOR REALZ. Anyway, sometimes it’s just nice to hear from someone on our side. Especially when that someone is funny.

Like this:

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