Why not? (Giving things a shot)

20SWepisodes0104kindleIn the spirit of trying new things, I uploaded episodes 1-4 of Twenty-Somewhere to the Amazon Kindle store yesterday. If you know anyone with a Kindle, iPhone, or iPod Touch who wants some fun  stories for just 99¢, let them know!

(For anyone who’s wondering about charging for something I also post for free: if it’s on your Kindle/iGadget, it’s yours whenever and wherever. No internet connection necessary, and no ads. Also, some people just prefer eBooks. Strange but true.)

If this experiment goes decently well, I’ll keep putting 20SW up in batches of 4, and probably some other stories too. I suppose it’s self-publishing, in a way, but somehow it feels different. I guess because it’s stories and not novels.

By the way, I got this brilliant idea from screenwriter John August, whose short story The Variant has become a Kindle bestseller. I’m not expecting anything as successful as that, but I think/hope this could be fun.


  1. Best of luck. There’s rumblings about some Kindle novelist who got snapped up by Simon and Schuster, so it seems like people have their eyes peeled.
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