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Loving the worst thing in the world

As I just commented on Eric’s post:

Sometimes I think writing is the worst thing in the world. And still I love it, I can’t imagine doing anything else. Does that count as an abusive relationship?

Word Count – Aug 21, 2009:

I can already see this becoming an 80k in 2 months instead of 50k in 1 month thing. And I’m okay with that. I’ve pushed myself hard these past few weeks. Hard for me, anyway, which some people would probably think is nothing at all. That’s the thing, though. One of the many things I love about writing. It’s not a competition. I don’t need to beat anyone. The only person I measure against is myself. I guess not everyone understands that. Unfortunately it’s hard for me to pretend I don’t care what those people think.

I do think I’m neglecting Twenty-Somewhere, though. I’ve been so excited about getting it onto Amazon that I’ve stopped actually writing it. Uh, whoops. But I do have the next dozen episodes planned out (in a handy Excel sheet — I’m such a nerd) so expect that to start up again next week. I hope there are still people who care, haha.

Better acquainted with midnight

Sometimes it feels like the whole world is sleeping peacefully while I stay up, struggling to write, forcing myself to sit up, hold the pen in my hand, and push it across the pages…

Word Count – Aug 19, 2009:

But then again, that’s what happens when you don’t write fast enough. 10k is great, but more than half the month is already gone. 3k a day for the rest of August? We’ll see.

Potential additional obstacle: carving out 600 words (and who knows how many hours) for this prompt-based contest from NPR. Looks like a pretty cool opportunity for all you other writers, though!



  1. The Links page no longer shows URLs, but rather people’s names and then their site/blog title. Even though I also shrunk the font, I think this is much more readable.
  2. Amazon decided to not let people put Kindle books in their aStores anymore (if you don’t know what an aStore is, don’t worry about it) so I had to create an Author page instead. Don’t get me wrong: I’m very excited about my shiny new Amazon Author page! BUT. It’s not as attractive or easy to manage as the aStore was. Supposedly they are still working to populate all my “books,” but for now the bibliography is unfortunately incomplete.
  3. The buttons at the top of this site (just under the masthead) have changed to reflect #2.
  4. “The Eraser” has sold a couple copies! I’m still not sure how to market it (9 yr old protagonist, not a happy ending, but not a sad/scary story either…) but I’m glad people are reading it.
  5. I want this woman’s life! Okay, maybe just her 3-BOOK DEAL WITH HARPERTEEN. But, you know, details.
  6. I’m not really kidding. I want a 3-book deal.
  7. I put up the next set of episodes of Twenty-Somewhere. This means I only have 1 more set left. This means I must write new episodes!
  8. Word Count – Aug 18, 2009:

    Or somewhere thereabouts. It’s late, and I’m too tired to type up what I wrote today. But I am getting better at estimating the word count from my handwritten pages. And I finished a journal! I LOVE the feeling of using up one journal and starting the next. My new one has a cute cream-colored puppy on the cover, with the words, “Knuddel mich…” We’re guessing that means “Cuddle me”? (And no, not all my journals look like they belong to a 12-year-old girl.)

Still easing in to this thing called life

Congrats to Joe, who won the Writer Unboxed Funniest Analogy contest! And thanks to everyone who voted. It won’t help y’all, but I’m hoping Joe will share his new literary wealth with me… ;P

I’m back in Cincinnati after a busy and… varied, trip to Houston. Saying it was nice would be too weird, because of having to put Yogi down, but I had a good time with my parents; settled on a Maid of Honor dress with Alex for her wedding; got to see Angie, Albert, and John; and celebrated the 2nd birthday of my “niece.” (Cousin’s daughter, second cousin, whatever. She calls me Auntie in Chinese.)

The sleepy little birthday girl. Isn’t she precious? She throws cute kisses, blows good bubbles, and makes great faces.

I managed to write on the plane home (while also watching Confessions of a Shopaholic on my iPod). I’m still behind, but not all that disappointed with my pace. Maybe because it’s just so much faster than I normally go? Only, I’m not sure why I don’t normally go at this pace, because it hasn’t been that tough and it feels good to see those numbers at the end of the day. Perhaps this is the beginning of a beautiful habit?

My little walrus

Word Count – Aug 16, 2009:

No applause, please. I wrote maybe a sentence today. The updated word count is  just from typing up what I wrote on the plane. I should have written more and I’m quite behind on the NaNoWriMo challenge, but I can’t really find it in me to be mad at myself.

We had to put the family dog down today.

yogiandduck2 yogi
yogi 002 old man Yogi 001

Yogi. Oct 25, 1995 – Aug 15, 2009. He wasn’t an angel, but he was family. And kind of a cute, fuzzy, walrus-like little guy. We had good times.

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