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Yay or nay?

First, a must-read pep talk for writers, especially ones still forming their writing rhythm/habits: “The Deceptive Art of Balance.”

It’s just been one of those days…at the end of one of those weeks…at the end of one of those seasons.  For months now, I’ve been saying, “When I finish _____, then I’ll have a little down time.”  The weeks come in, the weeks go out, and that down time has been absent. I suspect, at this point, that it’s not coming.

Which means I have to make peace with life as it is.

Second, it sure looks different around here, huh? Okay, maybe not for those of you browsing via RSS, but maybe you should come check it out. In switching from Google ads to BlogHer ads, I needed to make a significant layout change, so I decided to let life be simple (ish) and customize a ready-made template instead of coding a new design myself. Ta da!

(After nearly 24 hours of “tweaking,” I’m questioning the “simple (ish)” ness of my decision…)

Nonetheless, I cleaned up the navigation, moved the blog back to the front page, and enabled threaded comments (meaning you can reply directly to a particular comment). I THINK this is going to be more practical for the time being — it requires less behind-the-scenes work on my part — at least until I score a mega-bucks book deal and have to redesign the site to accommodate that. :P

Big thanks to Albert, Mary, and Angie for their moral support and aesthetic feedback!

Andy has already voiced his preference for the old look… What do you guys think?

(Note: I can take disagreement, but not meanness. There’s no need to bring my momma into this, okay?)

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Oops baby

Danbury CT 001

Me, Andy, and a hot dog at Al’s Hot Dog Stand in Danbury, CT

I’m not really a fan of the current trend in “ending” literary short stories — where nothing is really resolved but you are left with a particularly visual or poignant moment — but I thoroughly enjoyed “Temporary” by Marisa Silver nonetheless. (I suspect it may have been excerpted from a larger work, but even then I would like more of a sense of closure.) Her writing style is simple and accessible, but still touches on deep emotions and real-life issues.

me: seriously can’t watch [new TV shows] right now
me: glee was an accident
me: like an “oops baby”

alex: LOL

Words from a role model

But beyond logistics, I think, frankly, pure determination, optimism and belief in myself got me here today. Being a full-time, bestselling writer is a DREAM. But it is a hard dream to accomplish. I can’t tell you how many times it would have been easier for me NOT to send out a flurry of magazine queries after receiving rounds of rejections, NOT to be 2000% sure that the articles I was filing were flawless, NOT to get a little lazy because it’s hard to be your own boss and your own marketer and your own cheerleader. But I didn’t give myself an option to fail. And truly, I really think this was a big part in getting here.

Dream Chaser: Allison Winn Scotch, New York Times Best-Selling Author

Busy bee

Tired and overwhelmed? That’s me!

(Also Riley, who is POOPED OUT on the couch right now because he just spent 4 days at Pet Spot Kennels playing with at least 2 dozen other dogs. I LOVE IT.)

But seriously, after a wonderful little trip, I came home to 125 unread items in my Google Reader, over 50 emails, and a nest of bees. Yes, that’s right, I got stung by a bee. Hurt like a b*tch for the first hour, but the swelling, redness, and pain have finally subsided.

However, Angie got stung a couple months ago and warned me that tomorrow my left wrist might resemble an over-filled balloon. Hopefully that won’t impede my ability to type, because I’m behind on my word count. Instead of telling you where I am and where I should be, I’ll instead tell you that I did manage to write about 2,000 words even on my vacation. Hurrah!

We take small victories here.

# # #

Also, this is old news, but I put up Episodes 25-28 of Twenty-Somewhere on Amazon last week. Only 12 more to go? (Well, 10 on this website.) Aw, I think I’m going to miss it.


Unless I write a “sequel” (novel)…?

Weekend in the CT

Hey folks, I am living it up in Danbury, Connecticut.

Andy and I are visiting our college friend Ryan for the weekend, and man did he show us the sights. Al’s Hot Dog Stand, Golf Quest putt putt course, and then homemade lasagna while we watched college football. Or rather, while the boys watch college football, and I wrote/watched Sex and the City.

Anyway, between the flight here and the first half of the Ohio State v. USC game, I was able to finish writing Episode 30 of Twenty-Somewhere — and map out the rest of the “season”! The girls have quite a bit in store for them, but I hope they (and you) will like it.

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