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Barcelona sunrise

Writing was a struggle this weekend, and so is blogging today. I’m pushing myself on the WIP, but I’m taking the easy road out here.For some good blog reads, I highly recommend “I’m Not” by Amy at Just a Titch, found via Lindsay at Birdykins: Fly. Crash. Repeat. As for me, I’m going to share an excerpt of a future work in progress. Enjoy!

Chelsea sat on the beach and listened to the waves rushing onto shore. The tide was low, and the water frigid, but the sky danced in color. Blue, grey, purple, and gold. She couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful last day.

Chelsea listened to the sound of her own breathing, felt her chest expand and contract. She had a sense of herself here that she’d never had anywhere else, and she hated to give that up. But the summer had ended, and it was time to go home. She would return to the States and find a real job. A real life. A real love?

She had her doubts about all three.

But she’d had doubts about Spain too, she reminded herself. Doubts about Alejandro. And look how wrong she’d been.

Saying goodbye to Alejo would be the hardest part. If he even let her, that is. Chelsea wondered if he would make it back — from wherever he’d run away to — in time to see her off. If not, she could always write to him once she was home. But she didn’t think that she would.

With a soft sigh and a heavy heart, Chelsea picked up her sandals and stood. She wiggled her toes in the sand. She hoped that at least a few grains would stick, and return with her to Pennsylvania, because they were the only things that could.

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This whole crazy writing thing

WIP update: As of today I am 25,000 words in, and the action has really picked up. That probably means I need to chop 10k words off the front, lol, but you know, whatever.

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Left = me thinking about all the revisions I’ll have to do.
Right = me remembering my new motto: “Fix it later!”

Seeing as it’s April 2nd, I obviously didn’t make my original deadline of finishing by April 1st. That was always sort of a haha-yeah-right kind of thing, but still. Regardless, I think I can finish before June 1st and then revise and query (perhaps simultaneously, but shhh, don’t tell!) during the summer. Remember: my 2010 goal is to get an agent. Seeing as that process can take anywhere from a few days to a few years, I’m definitely racing against the calendar.

Anyway, now that I’m almost 1/3 of the way through this manuscript, I’ve noticed a few things.

  1. Action makes life better. When I’m “stuck” and can’t seem to get any words to come out, it usually means there’s nothing happening in the story. The relatively easy solution is to throw in some action. For example, I had a scene where Zack, my male main character, was taken into custody by 2 guards. Basically they pointed to the door, and he went right in. BORING. So what did I do to fix it? I made Zack struggle and resist. And what did the guards do in response? They punched him in the face. POW! Much more interesting, and thus much easier to write.
  2. My characters are not me. That may seem obvious, but in the earlier chapters of this WIP, I found myself struggling to divorce the two main characters from me and my boyfriend. Yes, the seed for this story came from something in my relationship, but the results that sprouted from that seed are NOTHING like my reality. Furthermore, Lindsey and Zack are very different from me and Andy. In order to write their story, I had to stop asking myself what we would do in their shoes.
  3. I really do love this whole crazy writing thing. Okay, I sort of already knew that. But this manuscript has completely reaffirmed it. I think about Lindsey and Zack (and Cato!) all the time — while I walk Riley, while I drive to and from work, while I eat, while I shower, and while I fall asleep. Yet I never tire of them! They don’t frustrate me, and in fact, after I’ve spent some time with them, working on their story, I am happier. (Even if I know the words aren’t perfect.) It’s the best feeling in the world for a writer, and I never want it to stop.
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