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Colorado (Day 1 of 4)

Location: Denver
Activities: 16th street, Denver Art Museum, Colorado Rockies vs. Houston Astros (Go ‘Stros!)

Day 1 Denver 014

Day 1 Denver 091

Day 1 Denver 099

Day 1 Denver 108

Day 1 Denver 161

First thing’s first

On Monday, someone gave Episodes 1-4 of Twenty-Somewhere a 1-star review on Amazon. While I can respect that person’s opinion, I have to admit, it bums me out that her comments are the only ones prospective readers will see when they are deciding whether or not to check out 20SW for themselves. Especially since I know people like it. (People including the Major Publisher who wants me to turn it into a novel!)


Well, hopefully people who like the episodes will now be inspired to leave positive ratings & reviews, in order to counteract the negativity. (“People” could be you! But only if you want to, of course.)

I think I took it pretty well — no tears or anything. I simply left a respectful thank you (in part hoping to earn brownie points with prospective readers) and then went on with my night.


I’ll be honest, getting back into the swing of things has been hard. All the momentum from my daily quota days (how far away those seem!) is long gone. The two weeks of brainstorming that I allotted myself has become two months. The proposal for the Major Publisher is still not done. And I’m tempted to beat myself up about it, but I know that energy would be better spent just working on the darn thing.

(And by “darn thing,” I mean “incredible, amazing, wonderful opportunity that I am immensely grateful, and completely willing to work my butt off, for!”)

(No, seriously.)

The silver lining is that while in Colorado for our friends’ wedding, Andy and I visited the cliff dwellings in Manitou Springs, which offered me some inspiration for the WIP I put on hold. Then upon returning home, I also (randomly) realized exactly how to resolve one of the storylines in my first novel The Good Daughters. So when I get back to those manuscripts (which I will, in time) I’ll be in great shape.

That’s another thing I feel extremely thankful for: already I have a career’s worth of ideas. I have at least half a dozen books (of the “New Adult” and Young Adult variety) in my head, begging to be written. The genres range from contemporary to fantasy to romantic to dystopian. And many of them have sequel or series potential. If I can come up with all that in just a year’s time, I’m not too concerned about being able to sustain “inspiration” over the course of my career.

But, one book at a time, Kristan. First thing’s first. And as we all know, the first thing for me is this Twenty-Somewhere proposal — 1-star reviews be damned!

Today is somebody's birthday…

He is handsome, fun, clever, goofy, and absolutely one-of-a-kind. He makes me happy, and he challenges me to be the best possible version of myself. He is one of my favorite beings in the whole world. He is, in a word, awesome.

Oh, and I guess Andy’s alright too.

(Happy birthday!)

Scenes from a childhood

In my parents’ office, there were four tables pushed together to make a single large one. I remember sitting underneath those tables while my dad worked. I was out of school, for the day or for the summer, and I needed to be entertained. My dad gave me an old toolbox filled with china markers and colored pencils. For several minutes I drew squares and triangles on blank sheets of paper and pretended to be an architect, like him.

I remember sitting in front of his shoes, close enough to touch but far enough not to get in his way. I looked up at the underside of the table and tried to imagine the schematic he was working on just above my head. A house? A school? A bank? I talked to him through the the tables, pushing my little voice through the cracks where the tables met. I giggled when he answered, even though he wasn’t intending to be funny.

I remember his pipes. He kept four or five of them on a stand on the other side of the room. I thought they were cool, and grownup, like him. But he almost never smoked them. He had only picked up the habit, he said, because back when he taught at Yale, that was what all the professors did.

I remember how he reached for one of the pipes. Held the bowl in his hand, ran a finger along the stem. I crawled out from under the tables to watch.

My dad took the mouthpiece between his lips, sat back, and closed his eyes. As he savored the taste of years long since passed, I could see that he was not my father. He had been someone else before me. There would always be a part of him I didn’t know, and those pipes would never let me — or him — forget it.

I stopped thinking the pipes were cool.

Now, decades later, the pipes sit on a shelf, untouched and unremembered. He hasn’t smoked them in years. He has been my father.

Meet Milo

iPad? I HAS ONE!

Okay, technically it’s Andy’s, but he has agreed to share. Really I just want it for reading via iBooks, Kindle, and Stanza, and then occasionally for those miscellaneous Google or Wikipedia moments, you know? So he’ll have it most of the time, especially for his business travel.

Oh whatever, you don’t care. Here, gaze upon our little Milo in all his Apple-icious beauty:

Milo the iPad! 004

Milo the iPad! 005

Milo the iPad! 006

And here’s all 40 episodes of Twenty-Somewhere (well, the samples) loaded into the Kindle app! So purdee…

Milo the iPad! 002

If that’s not incentive to write more books and get them published, I don’t know what is.

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