Progress report

Gee, you miss a few days and you feel like you’re behind a few years! Which is rather unfortunate, considering I’m leaving again on Saturday. Oh well…

I’m back in Cincinnati after a nice visit with friends and family in Houston. Back to my writing desk, back to productivity. (I hope!) Hard to believe it’s already March, and I’ve been writing full-time for nearly a month. A short month, but still. Where is a time-turner when you need one?

It’s hard to report exactly how the first month has gone. If asked, I would say, “Quite well, thank you!” After all, I’m happy and I’m writing. For now, I think those are the basic requirements.

At this point, I’m about a quarter of the way through the first draft. I can see what layers I will need to go back and flesh out, but at the same time, I think the chapters are coming out relatively “clean.” I’m proud of and excited by my story.

But there is more to be done, and I know it. More discipline, fewer distractions, greater productivity, better writing. I will always strive for those things. I’ve just learned how to strive while also being comfortable with where I’m at.

Often I find myself daydreaming about what things could be like in the future. After I’m published. After I’ve established my career, and I’m making a living doing what I love. My name on the cover, my cover on a shelf. A new house. A book tour (physical or virtual or both). But something in me has shifted; I can already tell that I’m going to miss this phase, this time in my life.

Of course I want to keep moving forward, and I will, I am. But it’s nice to know that not everything good lies ahead. There’s plenty of it around me as well.

12 responses to “Progress report”

  1. T.S. Bazelli Avatar

    I’ve been wondering how it’s going for you, since you haven’t really posted about writing in a while. I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future, but I feel anxiety, and hopefulness all at the same time. I think I can relate.

  2. Les Avatar

    Keep on truckin’, I’m sure you’re doing great!

  3. Shari Avatar

    Your post reminds me of this quote: “Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.” For as wonderful, inspiring, and hopeful as it is to daydream about the future, about our wishes coming true, there’s also something to be said for savoring this time, too. It’s special in its own right.

    So glad that things are going well with your writing! At the end of the day, if you’re proud of and excited by your story, that’s what counts. That’s what matters. I’m looking forward to seeing where this story takes you :)

  4. Sonja Avatar

    It’s great to hear that you feel so good about how things are going. What more can you ask for?

  5. RTW Avatar

    Love your new banner– so perfect for March!

    I think you hit the nail on the head: “I’ve just learned how to strive while also being comfortable with where I’m at.” I am so glad you’re happy with your decision and am rooting for many more months of happiness!

    Are you going to make it to CA on your book tour? do say yes!

  6. Mindi Anderson Avatar

    Hi Kristan,

    Your statement that you can “foresee missing this segment of your life” rings true with me. I am in a similar place with my own writing, and I am pushing ever forward while relishing the moment. Here’s to you – the present and the future!

  7. Kristan Avatar

    Funny, haha, sometimes I feel like all I do is write about writing… Glad to know it doesn’t necessarily come off that way.

    A pony?

    Thanks! I hadn’t done yellow in a while, and I’m kind of projecting… If I put up flowers, surely they will come, right?

    I would LOVE to make it to CA on my (someday) book tour, lol. Let’s go with yes. :)

  8. Juliann Avatar

    I have the same daydreams as you, except that you’re one step ahead of me. The first thing on my list will be: quit working so that I can write full-time. The book tours won’t leave me time to go to the office. Darn! :)

  9. Sarah Avatar

    Being present is so hard, but essential. I had to make myself focus on the present all morning with my kids (even though I’m so tired of playing with playdough, it’s ridiculous), but I feel like I’m soaking in some of that important experience. So too with writing. You’re doing awesome, Kristan!!

  10. Trisha Avatar

    This too shall pass. Enjoy.

  11. Natalia Sylvester Avatar

    This is so true, that you just have to enjoy each step. I still remember my first little apartment, where I wrote the first draft of my book, and how simple those days were. I had a ridiculously low rent and during the summer, when the magazines I freelanced for went on mini-hiatus, I spent every day, two months straight, fully devoted to that draft.

    It was amazing, and I knew it was. Sometimes I’d daydream about the future like you, but I’m glad I didn’t get too caught up in it that I couldn’t enjoy that beautiful bubble in time–it was a gift from that stage in my life, and as corny as it sounds, I think each stage has different gifts to give.

    So happy to see you’re happy and writing. That’s what it’s all about!

  12. Kristan Avatar

    Corny but true! It sounds lovely, and I’m glad you were able to appreciate it. :)