My favorite books of 2011

Note: I actually read Water for Elephants last year, but after I’d already posted my favorite books of 2010. I don’t think I’m at risk for that happening again this year.

In order of when I read them…


13 responses to “My favorite books of 2011”

  1. Jessica Baverstock Avatar

    I LOVE the Eyre Affair, and I haven’t seen that cover before. Very cool. My favourite of that series is still The Well of Lost Plots.

    Thanks for sharing your list. :)

  2. Shari Avatar

    Love your choices! WFE is such a special book, and The Help, too. And, of course, I’m biased toward anything Emily writes :)

  3. kaye (paper reader) Avatar

    I really, really love these lists because I get to add even more to my TBR pile. I can’t wait to read Lips Touch, Pegasus, and The Book Thief. My YA + adult fiction overall list would look a lot different from my YA-only, I think.

  4. Les Avatar

    I’ve only read one of those but I see at least three more that are on my list. Unfortunately in the near future any/all reading time is going to be devoted to textbooks. Infinitely less fun.

  5. Sonje Avatar

    I’ve done a lot of writing this year (too much, I think), and since I don’t read fiction while I’m writing, I’ve read very little. A couple of the books on this list have been on my radar though, so hopefully I’ll get to them in 2012.

    @Jessica, I agree: the Well of Lost Plots is the best of the series!

  6. Jon Avatar

    I’m so ashamed I haven’t read more of these books! I am taking these as suggestions, though…

  7. StoriesAndSweetPotatoes Avatar

    I’m glad to hear you liked Committed. I’ve been wanting to read it but everyone tells me it’s so-so.

  8. Kristan Avatar

    Jessica and Sonje-
    I think the first is my favorite because it’s such a surprise (the book world and all that) and a fairly complete story. The rest of the series builds on that originality, but also sort of strings things (like Landon’s disappearance) along.

    I really think you’ll love those 3!

    You know, it’s different from Eat Pray Love. It’s more like a brief look at the evolution of modern Western marriage, interspersed with personal anecdotes. Like a “girly” Malcolm Gladwell (although Elizabeth Gilbert isn’t really *that* girly). I really enjoyed it, though.

  9. Jessica Baverstock Avatar

    @Kristan – I never thought about that aspect of the series. Thanks for the insight. :)

  10. Rachele Alpine Avatar

    You read some good ones this year! ROOM and THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE are amazing reads! I have LIPS TOUCH THREE TIMES, so I’m going to need to find some time to read it soon!

  11. Juliann Wetz Avatar

    Thanks for sharing your list. I’m always looking for good book recommendations.

  12. Meghan Ward Avatar

    I love your photo grid! I loved Room, The Book Thief, and Battle Hymn, but couldn’t get into Water for Elephants and haven’t read the others. Maybe someday I’ll give Water for Elephants another chance. I do want to see the movie!

  13. Kristan Avatar

    I thought the movie was visually lovely. It’s definitely a good adaptation of the book, IMO. And the elephant! Oh she’s so gorgeous.