Month: August 2012

  • Your work is a gift

    Reminder: Comment on the August giveaway post to win THE HYPNOTIST by M.J. Rose and/or ON MAGGIE’S WATCH by Ann Wertz Garvin. … In college I was a design minor, and as such, I was always trying to be as cool and artistic and fashionable as the design majors around me. I failed, miserably, but like the…

  • PS

    Happy 30th anniversary to my parents, whom I love dearly and owe everything.

  • Ebb and flow

    Last night my mom told me that my blog was getting boring. She said this lovingly, of course. And she offered up some good ideas for new features, and interesting topics that I could post about. (Hey, do accountants’ parents tell them how to do their jobs? Just wondering. No reason!) (Okay, in fairness, I…


  • Certain evil paragraphs