Month: December 2013

Secret dreams

Yesterday I spent a few minutes writing out a list of my dreams. Not just the obvious ones (like “get a book published”) but the big ones too. The ones I don’t talk about. The ones I rarely even let myself think about, because…

Because they’re scary.

They are big dreams. Ambitious dreams. Outlandish dreams. (But still noble dreams, I hope.) And I am afraid of them. Afraid of not achieving them. And I don’t just mean not achieving all of them. I mean not achieving any of them. What if I didn’t manage a single one? What would that mean for my life? What would that say about me?

I don’t know. But one of my personal philosophies is not to live in fear. Yes, there are scary things in this world, but I don’t want them to win. So yesterday, I faced these intimidating dreams, and instead of being cowed by them, I felt inspired.

I’m not going to publish the list here — at least not yet. But I will keep it in my head and in my heart. (And probably someplace a bit more tangible than that, like in my journal and on my laptop.) In the years to come, I will post each dream as it comes true. Hopefully someday you’ll know them all.

I don’t believe that just writing these things out will make them happen, or that if I wish hard enough, I’ll get what I want. But I do believe… in myself. In hard work. In perseverance. In patience. I believe that I can achieve at least some of my dreams, if not all of them.

And even if for some reason I don’t, I believe that it’s worth trying.

November in photos

Fall feet. #grumblepup Bruce Munro #lighting at Franklin Park Conservatory. #columbus
Angie's visit 023
Angie's visit 028
Angie's visit 032 Angie's visit 048
Angie's visit 034
Angie's visit 098
Angie's visit 120
Great stall at the craft mall in Logan, OH. #ohiogram Found the cutest row houses with @roaringangelina in the Northside last week. #cincinnati (1/5)
Found the cutest row houses with @roaringangelina in the Northside last week. #cincinnati (2/5) Found the cutest row houses with @roaringangelina in the Northside last week. #cincinnati (3/5)
Found the cutest row houses with @roaringangelina in the Northside last week. #cincinnati (4/5) Found the cutest row houses with @roaringangelina in the Northside last week. #cincinnati (5/5)
Battleship Texas, just as badass as I remembered. #landmarked San Jacinto Monument, part 2 of 2. #everythingisbiggerintexas

Past selves

Past Me has been a real slacker around here. I guess she took that “time away from the keyboard” thing to heart. But Present Me is, well, present. And ready to redesign the blog play Bubble Mania reflect and write again.

I can’t believe it’s been a decade since Angie and I graduated from high school. It seems like just yesterday that we were learning how to drive, editing the school newspaper, and studying for the SATs. But time flies, and now the infamous 10-year reunion is upon us.

That’s from a recent column that I co-wrote with my friend Angie: “10 Years After High School.” I meant to blog about it weeks ago, but then I never did.

Spoiler: I did end up going to the reunion, and even enjoying myself. I haven’t sorted out all my thoughts on it yet — but I will, because Angie and I are going to write a follow-up column. In the meantime, here’s the tweet-summary:

Did any of you go to your high school reunions?

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