Month: September 2015

  • Home (part 2)

    It’s only a few minutes away from where you used to live, but this new neighborhood feels like a different planet. Free-standing houses bordered by driveways and fences. Sprinklers spitting water over grassy lawns. Golden Retrievers prancing with leashes in their mouths. It’s a tranquil street connected to a busy road. Transco Tower winks in the distance. An occasional siren interrupts…

  • Anniversary

    “Watching a time happen and thinking, I will remember this.” Photo by Susan Plocher. Words by Hannah Nicole (via Meg Fee).

  • Home (part 1)

    It’s where they brought you after the hospital. Your very first bed. Your very first everything. It’s your betta fish named Rainbow swimming in her bowl on the kitchen counter. Your rabbit named Thumper running circles around the legs of the dining table. The piano in the corner of the living room, where you practiced…