11 responses to “Promise”

  1. Browsing the Atlas Avatar

    What exciting news!!! I am so happy for you both. Or I should say, all 3 of you. :)

    1. Kristan Avatar

      Thanks, Juliann! <3

  2. CJ Avatar

    Congrats! We are expecting a little girl in November too, how crazy is that!

    1. Kristan Avatar

      Oh my goodness, what a lovely coincidence!! Congratulations to you too. <3

  3. Joelle Avatar

    Congrats to both of you!!!

    1. Kristan Avatar

      Thank you, Joelle!

  4. Ari Juan Avatar

    Hi Kristan! Congrats! Just wanted to remind you of your promise to let me name your firstborn :)

    1. Kristan Avatar

      Oh you poor, delusional thing. *pat pat*

  5. Anthony Lee Collins Avatar


    So, based on your comment to Ari, I guess we don’t get to vote on the name?


    (In case you change your mind, I nominate Furiosa!)

    1. Kristan Avatar

      Lol we’ll take that under advisement.

  6. jon Avatar

    Congratulations!! So happy for you!