Foto Friday: Change

There’s something new blowing in with the wind. You can see it coming.

New Lumix! 052

In two weeks, everything will change.

Last week Sally, my trusty Canon S60, up and died on me. It was heartbreaking, poorly timed (as Angie had just come for her visit), and a needless, senseless death. One day Sally was working, the next day not. And all that happened in between was that she slept in my purse.

I don’t suspect any foul play, but I can’t help wondering about her cause of death. Unfortunately my current situation dictates that I replace Sally rather than autopsy her. So in the spirit of moving on, today’s photos are brought to us courtesy of my new Panasonic Lumix LZ8K. He/she is as of yet nameless, but not to fear, that will be remedied soon.

New Lumix! 027

New Lumix! 019

New Lumix! 004

Foto Friday: The Secret Spaghetti Society

(I’m on time this week!)

There’s this Italian place that Andy and I go to sometimes, only… I’m not sure why. The first time we went, we were pleased with the food, and the service was fine. The second time we went, the restaurant was 75% empty but we were told there would be a 30 minute wait, so we went across the street to Chipotle. (GOOD CHOICE.) The third time, we realized the food wasn’t really that good. The fourth time, we realized the service was terrible.

Needless to say, we’re not going anymore.

Fortunately our last trip was not for naught. We saw these cute little old ladies dressed all in red and purple. According to a knit banner draped over the back of one woman’s chair, they were the Secret Society of Little Mama’s Village (or something like that). And even though Andy told me he’d stand up and shout to blow my cover if I tried to take a picture, I took two.

This one came out best.

red and purple ladies 002

Foto Friday: Allergens

Sorry! For the second week in a row, Foto Fridays is coming to you a day late. That’s probably not too surprising to anyone who knows me, but I’ll work on it!

Speaking of late… HI, SPRING! Maybe it’s because I grew up in Houston where it’s green pretty much year-round, but I can’t help feeling that I shouldn’t still have to wear a sweater at the end of April. Nor should I want to claw my eyes out or go through an entire box of tissues in 1 day. But I guess that’s the trade-off for these beautiful, beautiful blossoms.

blossoms and us 002

(Riley thought the fallen petals were treats.)

blossoms and us 005

blossoms and us 008

So despite wanting to die because I can barely breathe and my eyes itch like they’ve been rubbed with poison ivy, how do we feel now that spring is finally here? I think this face says it all:

blossoms and us 001

Foto Friday: Paging Dr. Hoffman

Last night I performed surgery. Behold the patient:

surgery 001

Giraffey had gaping wounds in his side, belly, and HEAD.


But then for some reason, Riley thought I was actually hurting Giraffey with my little needle and thread, as if his voracious gnawing was a mere head massage. The pup paced around me during the whole operation like a nervous dad waiting to see how his kid would fare. Finally he whimpered, lay down, and buried his face in his paws.

surgery 002

I’m happy to report that the operation was successful and Giraffey was delivered into his hungry loving dad’s jaws arms about twenty minutes later.

Next up: Croc.

surgery 003