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Speaking of Amazon…

20SWeps0912kindleI’m up to episodes 9-12 of Twenty-Somewhere for Kindle/iPhone/iPod! So far I’m really enjoying this “experiment.” I’ve only sold about a dozen copies between the 3 episode “bundles,” but it’s fun to obsessively check see my Amazon Sales Ranks and to realize that someone liked the stories enough to buy all 3!!

I think the plan for 20SW is to continue writing episodes until the end of 2009. Then I need a break. I will leave off in such a way that MJ, Claudia, and Sophie get some closure, but of course we’ll know there are more adventures to come. I’ve already envisioned a novel for these 3 women, but I have at least 1 other book to finish before I get started on a project like that…

Speaking of things I don’t have time for, Angie and I recently redesigned our joint blog. I love the new look, and now I’m itching to redesign my site…

Too bad that would be silly right now. I have too many other things to write do. Sigh.

Speaking of distractions, yesterday I received my copy of Bad Things Happen by Harry Dolan, an Amazon Breakthrough Novel from 2007-2008. BTH didn’t win, but it was my favorite entry, and I am SO excited to be reading the whole thing!

(Other 07-08 ABNA books coming soon: Casting Off by Nicole Dickson and The Wet Nurse’s Tale by Erica Eisdorfer!)

Speaking of funny — I wasn’t? Oh, oops. Well, I’m not funny, so I probably won’t enter/win, but if you are funny (JOE) then you should think about entering the Funniest Analogy contest at Writer Unboxed. You could get a lot of attention for your blog/site, or at the very least, some good laughs.

Like this:

My first writing award

I iz so awkward. :(

I updated the front page of my site to help publicize my Kindle/iPhone/iPod Touch listings to newcomers.

The Blog
Twenty-Somewhere: Episodes 1-4
Twenty-Somewhere: Episodes 5-8

To an extent this all feels silly, but it’s also fun! (And probably good practice.)

Like this:

Why not? (Giving things a shot)

20SWepisodes0104kindleIn the spirit of trying new things, I uploaded episodes 1-4 of Twenty-Somewhere to the Amazon Kindle store yesterday. If you know anyone with a Kindle, iPhone, or iPod Touch who wants some fun  stories for just 99¢, let them know!

(For anyone who’s wondering about charging for something I also post for free: if it’s on your Kindle/iGadget, it’s yours whenever and wherever. No internet connection necessary, and no ads. Also, some people just prefer eBooks. Strange but true.)

If this experiment goes decently well, I’ll keep putting 20SW up in batches of 4, and probably some other stories too. I suppose it’s self-publishing, in a way, but somehow it feels different. I guess because it’s stories and not novels.

By the way, I got this brilliant idea from screenwriter John August, whose short story The Variant has become a Kindle bestseller. I’m not expecting anything as successful as that, but I think/hope this could be fun.

Like this:

Love is

DIY studio 021

Love is playing Prometheus, strapping yourself to the side of the mountain and sewing up your own side so the birds might pick at you afresh.

– fellow writer and former ABNA contestant Eric at My Heart’s Porch

Like this:

A big thank you to my team

Dear friends and lurkers alike,

I just wanted to let you know that I did not advance to the Semifinals of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest. Don’t worry, I’m not upset at all. I knew the second half of my book had some problems that I hadn’t fixed, so I was very happy just to get this far.

The best part of this whole thing for me has been the overwhelming support I got from you all. It really energized me at a time that I was feeling a little burnt out, and now I’m ready to get to work making the whole book just as good as the opening excerpt – or better!

So thank you very much for your kind words and encouragement. It’s the end of the Amazon line, but definitely not the end of my journey to publication. ;)

“Everybody in this league is successful,” Allen said. “Everybody in this league has made it to this level where they’re a flagship in their society and their community where they grew up. People look up to them. They’re outliers in their world.

“We’re not outliers among ballplayers, but we’re outliers amongst the people that we grew up around. I started analyzing why that is. What made me successful? I was successful because of the opportunities that I had, outside of the other opportunities that people had, the breaks, people pushing me forward. The communities I grew up in, people were always adding an extra five bucks to get me to camp. The same thing that Bill Gates went through with the computer access. I had access to a gym, just the same. Once I started going there, people started seeing my passion for it, they started helping me.

“That’s why I always tell people, no matter what sport you’re in, whether it’s team or individual, everybody has a team. There’s a crew that helped get you where you are, no matter how you see it, how you look at it. You start thinking about it, analyzing situations. Anybody in this locker room, people helped you achieve your goal.”

(From a great ESPN column by J.A. Adande. Emphasis added by me.)

Like this:

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