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  • Snippets: Get it?

    Last night after I finished watching all of Fushigi Yugi on YouTube: Andy: Please tell me you are not seriously crying over a cartoon. Me: {sniff sniff} It’s not just any cartoon! It’s EPIC. Andy: … I finish sniffling, shut down my computer, and get into bed. Me: You just don’t understand. You’re not a…

  • Today is Andy’s 25th birthday, which means I spent all day reading My Sister’s Keeper preparing for his surprise dinner this evening and thus had no time to post for real. Instead, enjoy this 33-second clip about what real writers do:

  • Snippets: Booze?

    Andy: Aren’t you going to come hang out with me and Riley? Me: Yep, in just a minute. An hour later… Me: Okay, I’m ready to hang with my boos! Andy: … Me: Not “booze” as in alcohol. “Boos” as in more than one boo!

  • Morning mumbled

    Me to my alarm clock this morning: I’m sorry I think you have the wrong number…

  • Andy: Okay, this isn’t fun anymore. Me: [turns around from computer] What? Andy: I’ve been dancing around the kitchen trying to see how long it would take you notice. It’s been over four minutes.