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Thu Apr 17 2014

Italy in photos (part 1)

Hall of busts at the Vatican museum. #rome #travelgram #artthursday Giant golden snitch at the Vatican. #rome #travelgram #artthursday #harrypotter
rome 026
rome 070
The incomparable Positano. #travelgram Limoncello shop in Amalfi. #travelgram
rome 125
rome 145
rome 148

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Fri Feb 28 2014

January and February in photos

Dessert #1 = ricotta, tangerines, hazelnut sorbet, fennel. @pleasecinci #onthetable Hippity hop. #grumblepup #subzero
Finally remembered #muttbuttmonday! #grumblepup Sent a few notes to a few friends. #happyvalentinesday
A sliver of green and sun. Snow like magic.
5 o'clock shadow. #grumblepup Delicious fried chicken, grilled cheese and spoonbread at The Eagle earlier today. #onthetable #thisisotr

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Sun Jan 19 2014


Earlier today I tweeted:

It’s true: such a silly little thing thing really can brighten my day. Many of the people I follow on Instagram manage to make their daily meals look like art — just with good lighting, fresh ingredients, and smart composition/framing. Their photos inspire me to eat better, and to appreciate the “mundane beauty” in my life.

cacahuete_sr jelitodeleon lolypopp3

Since we’re already talking about fabulous photography, here are a few more Instagrammers I adore:

ifitwags balletzaida pchyburrs
ariefhaskara arielelasko austinxc04

Dogs, doors, dancers, darling children, and… woodworking. (Okay, I couldn’t make a D out of that one.) It’s amazing what people do out there. Amazing how they see and share their worlds.

By the way, I updated my hand-drawn social media icons to include a link to my own Instagram account, and to show the Twitter bird instead of the “t” (which looked too similar to the Tumblr logo). The new icon line-up makes me so happy! Is it weird how much little details like that can please me?

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Fri Jan 10 2014

December in photos

Boy do I miss this little dummy right now. #grumblepup 'Tis the season for holiday decorations! #grumblepup #dogwreathing
wegmans Homemade cookies = I am loved.
Fortune cookie wisdom + holiday lights. "Welcome home. Love, Texas."
Of course I did. #macarons Empty when I got there but then it filled up and I bumped into a bunch of people I knew! #localfoods #houston

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Fri Dec 20 2013

Just for fun

A belated #inktober doodle, based on a saying I saw on Tumblr.

A late #inktober #doodle.

Me and Andy in toy form.

Me and Andy in toy form! #whpselfportrait

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