Foto Friday: Change

There’s something new blowing in with the wind. You can see it coming.

New Lumix! 052

In two weeks, everything will change.

Last week Sally, my trusty Canon S60, up and died on me. It was heartbreaking, poorly timed (as Angie had just come for her visit), and a needless, senseless death. One day Sally was working, the next day not. And all that happened in between was that she slept in my purse.

I don’t suspect any foul play, but I can’t help wondering about her cause of death. Unfortunately my current situation dictates that I replace Sally rather than autopsy her. So in the spirit of moving on, today’s photos are brought to us courtesy of my new Panasonic Lumix LZ8K. He/she is as of yet nameless, but not to fear, that will be remedied soon.

New Lumix! 027

New Lumix! 019

New Lumix! 004

4 responses to “Foto Friday: Change”

  1. rose Avatar

    you should be very happy with your purchase. these are beautiful.

  2. Mary Avatar

    So are those rhododendrons or azaleas? We’ve got rhododendrons working towards their peak here, and they’re lovely. Like azaleas with bigger leaves, more flowers, and more colors :)

    Also, when did Riley get to be all grown up? He doesn’t look like a puppy anymore :(

  3. Kristan Avatar

    @Rose- Thank you!

    @Mary- Uh, no idea… They’re at a neighbor’s house? Haha, and I know nothing about flowers. I’m thinking azaleas, b/c their leaves were pretty small.

    NO IDEA. His growth is kinda sad, but kinda fun too. Although he still acts 100% puppy…

  4. diane Avatar

    don’t ask me why i know this, but i’m pretty sure those are azaleas. my mom would be proud of this knowledge.