Yesterday’s decor8 featured a great post titled “Career Advice for Creatives”, which is intended for designers but really applies to anyone in any field:

I decided that the comfort of income wasn’t as important as the comfort of a joyful, happy spirit. I wanted to regain joy and the steady income wasn’t doing it so my answer was quite clear. Sacrifice the pay and pursue a career doing what I felt passionate about.

There are so many people who panic when faced with the thought of “not enough money,” myself included, but in reality, pursuing one’s dreams (and making the necessary sacrifices to do so) isn’t a luxury or a fantasy. It’s a mentality. Change your definition of “enough,” and you could change your whole world.

Also, I truly believe that even if we can’t all have our dream jobs, we can find work that we don’t hate or dread while we pursue our other passions. It’s a matter of working to live or living to work. For a lucky few, the two are the same. For the rest, the choice should be clear.

2 responses to “Quickie (more to come) (no pun intended…)”

  1. diane Avatar

    i agree. unfortunately my mom worries about my idealism.

  2. Kristan Avatar

    Yeah, I think it’s hard for parents not to. Especially since there’s such a difference between their mentality (work hard at your job, ANY job, and be grateful for it) vs. our mentality (find what you love). But because they love us, they’ll give us a chance to try some things out, I think. We’re lucky that way. :)