In honor of the new month, I created a new masthead, just like I do… every month. :P

I also decided to archive all the previous mastheads, because I like them, and who knows, maybe someone else will too.

This month’s tagline (“let the poverty begin”) is in honor of my new part-time schedule, which starts in two weeks and means I’ll be earning 40% of my current salary (hence POVERTY) but writing a lot, lot more (read: MORE POVERTY). I’m really excited, but scared sh*tless at the same time.

On a related note, I’m sending my short story “The Eraser” out to a contest today. Wish me luck?

2 responses to “Another month, another masthead”

  1. bebe Me Avatar

    Good luck! For the story and the part-time schedule. Anyone who has the strength to choose what she love to do over potential high-paying soul suck is wicked cool in my book. (I am not wicked cool in my book)

  2. Kristan Avatar


    And from what I hear, you are wicked cool. ;)