Update for people who are actually trying to learn how to make bubble tea: This process should work with any tapioca pearls. You do not necessarily need the kit pictured below, just tapioca bubbles and either tea or a fruit smoothie to put them in. Steps #2 and #3 are the key.

1. Buy a DIY bubble tea kit from Jungle Jim’s.

bubble tea adventure! 001

2. Boil water in a rice cooker. Add the bubbles in a 1:8 ratio (meaning 1 part bubbles, 8 parts water — you probably should have measured out the water before you started boiling it…) and let “cook” for 25 min. After 25 min, set the rice cooker on “keep warm” for another 25 min.

bubble tea adventure! 011

3. Drain the bubbles. Mix with brown sugar to sweeten.

bubble tea adventure! 014

4. Choose a flavor and pour the powder into the shaker.

bubble tea adventure! 009

5. Add water and ice as instructed. Shake thoroughly.

bubble tea adventure! 012

(Look how cute and happy the bubble man is!)

6. Pour into cup/glass. Add bubbles. Add big straw. Taste.

bubble tea adventure! 019

7. Say, “OMG THAT’S NOT BAD!” Pat yourself on the back. Oh, and keep drinking!

bubble tea adventure! 021

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