Quick update

1. Riley passed. Totally didn’t deserve to, but his trainer (Steve) is awesome, and we all agree he’ll probably deserve to pass legitimately in a few months.

2. I am about two seconds away from buying a Macbook Air on impulse. MUST. CONTROL. THE URGE.

7 responses to “Quick update”

  1. Aisha Avatar

    hahaha I had to resist the urge to get an Eee PC on a whim as well. But my laptop was finally fixed and arrived today, so I no longer have the urge [that much…]

  2. Kristan Avatar

    Whoa, I never heard of Eee PC (or ASUS) but they look pretty cool. Just kinda small on specs and screen size? Still, I can see why you’d want one.

  3. Alex Avatar

    ASUS has these adorable tiny laptops that I covet.

    Resist the temptation! (Also, fyi, I’ve heard that the battery isn’t as good as promised. If I were going to pay that much for a laptop, I’d want more than 2 gigs of RAM and an 80gb hard drive. The oversized mouse touch-pad looks really cool, though.)

  4. Kristan Avatar

    Really? How has everyone heard of ASUS but me?!

    Yeah, I know the Macbook Air has PLENTY of tradeoffs, but saying “on impulse” is a bit misleading because I’ve done a lot of reading up (and cuddling in Apple stores) and I know it’s what I want. Unless Apple comes out with something really amazing in the next year or two (which is probably how long it will be before I get a new computer) then I’ll be getting the MBA. It’s hard to explain, but once I’ve got my heart set on something like this, it doesn’t do any good to get something else. (Believe me, I’ve tried convincing myself otherwise.) :P

    My honest guess: I will LOVE it, despite the flaws. BUT I will also have satisfied the urge and be able to think more rationally 3-4 years later when I’m looking to replace the MBA.

  5. angie Avatar

    Haha, yep I know about those cute little Asus ones too.

    I can’t say anything though. Just an hour ago I bought (or ordered since they were out) a MacBook Pro, iPod touch, a printer (free) and a bunch of software.

  6. Aisha Avatar

    They have an 80gb version of the Eee, but I read it weighs more and has a 10 inch screen as opposed to a 7 or 8 inch one. Still no DVD burner, but the Macbook Air doesn’t have one either.

  7. Kristan Avatar

    Yah, and I don’t know about you, but I rarely ever use my CD/DVD drive. Only to watch Netflix movies, and that’s b/c I’m too lazy to watch on TV. I could fix that.

    MBA does have “Remote Disc” which lets you hijack other drives (as long as they’re networked) for installing software, etc. so I’m not concerned about that. I seriously like NEVER use my drive.

    Isn’t that what USBs are for? :P