Coho canoe trip! 017

My apologies for not posting the Friday foto on time. After rowing 12 miles (and leading team-building exercises after lunch) and then coming home to puppy poop on the carpet (we think he has an intestinal bug… the vet appointment later today should tell us more) I showered, ate, and then passed out around 7:30 pm and didn’t wake up until this morning. At which point I realized my ENTIRE body was sore, especially my neck, shoulders, back, and butt bones.

2 responses to “Foto Friday: Endurance is NOT my middle name”

  1. diane Avatar

    yeah, will and i kayaked this weekend (i doubt 12 miles though), but not far enough that i feel super sore. after just under an hour, i was already spent.

  2. Kristan Avatar

    Yeah, we were out there for 5 hours, so unless you and Will kayaked REALLY fast, hehehe, I don’t think it was quite 12 miles.

    I did okay until I got home. Must have been fueled by camaraderie and adrenaline. Anyway, it wore off, and then I crashed. :P