Ike update

My parents (who live in the Galleria area) are without power and have been since late last night, but the house is intact. There’s some water leaking in from the skylights, but no flooding. The street is filled with water and it’s still raining, but so far it hasn’t crept up the driveway. The trees are all upright, although they’ve lost many branches big and small. They won’t be able to check on the office (just off US 59 near where it intersects with Westpark) until the water recedes from the street, but overall, it sounds like they’re relatively okay.

Since they don’t have power and can’t recharge their cell phones, I got off after about 10 minutes, but I’ll check in with them periodically throughout the day. Thank goodness for technology.

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  1. Mary Avatar

    That’s more or less what my parents said. I feel bad because I wasn’t awake when they tried to call me this morning. They didn’t lose any trees, but lost lots of branches. I think they said the water in their street was beginning to go down, and that it had never gone too far up their driveway. And funnily enough, their landline still works (or at least, it did this morning).

  2. Angie Avatar

    They were saying to text message than call, fyi. There was a chlorine leak in Seaport I think. Almost everyone was without power in Houston.

    We had lots of foliage everywhere, but our windows were boarded and no structural damage. The only big thing was that one side of our fence was completely removed. No power, but our landline also did work party this morning when I had trouble calling on the cell phone.

    Our area doesn’t really flood, thank goodness, but Galveston looks devastating. Their mayor cried.

  3. Kristan Avatar

    Good! I’m glad to hear things were relatively mild for them too.

    Haha, that only works when your parents know how to text message. (Or would be satisfied with a text message.)

    Oh geez, about the mayor! It did bring me close to tears when I was looking at images…

  4. Kristan Avatar


    Actually they went to the office yesterday afternoon and said it held up really well. I was surprised too, but they did more work on the office to prepare and protect it, so I guess it paid off?

  5. Aisha Avatar

    I was thinking of emailing your parents to see if they were ok and then I was like “doh, no power”
    Thank goodness for kristanhoffman.com hehe

    (The office is probably not in good shape… the roof was already pretty bad in a lot of parts if I remember correctly. But at least your parents are ok)

  6. phhhst Avatar

    Glad to hear your family is OK

  7. Aisha Avatar

    Awesome :)

    Yeah I remember in the past it would just rain hard and the ceiling in the print shop area would be leaking pretty bad. I’m glad they worked on that.