As I mentioned earlier, Andy and I were having some trouble sleeping, so we finally caved in and bought ourselves a new mattress and bed frame. So far I’m LOVING the foam mattress (IKEA’s FOSSING, for those of you who are wondering) because when Andy rolls around in the middle of the night, I CAN’T FEEL IT.

I can still hear him muttering, though. Last night it was something about French fries…

Anyway, because his travel schedule has thrown us both for a loop, the verdict is still out on whether or not we’re actually sleeping better, but IKEA gives you 90 days to test a mattress out and return it if needed, so we’ve got another 84 to go!


new bed 004


new bed 005

Pretty, huh?

And yes, I’m well-aware that NOTHING in our condo matches now. But whatever. Matching is for people who can afford it.

5 responses to “Foto Friday: Before & After – The Bed”

  1. phhhst Avatar

    Very nice. And we didn’t buy matching furniture until we were 8 years into our mortgage and refinanced.

  2. Alex Avatar

    Is that an IRONING BOARD by the window??

    (I’m glad you caved and got the bed. :-) It looks great, and I’m so glad you’re sleeping better.)

  3. Alex Avatar

    Also, matching? Overrated. (Like you said, unless you can afford it, LOL.)

  4. Mary Avatar

    Pssh. Some of us recognized our inherent poverty ahead of time, and only purchased furniture that matched our pre-conceived color schemes. Kind of.

    Then again, some of us moved across the country to live with a boyfriend who also had no furniture and had to buy everything from IKEA. It’s a lot easier to match when your color scheme is “black and white with some color” and all your stuff comes from the same store :)

    …and it still doesn’t match completely. But then, neither does my parents’ house, and they’ve had over 30 years.

  5. Kristan Avatar

    Oh good! We’re not the only ones then.

    Yes, yes it is. Andy doesn’t like to put it — or anything — away, so that’s the best space to keep it out. Unfortunately.

    Yeah, black and white + color accent is an awesome scheme. I may do that someday, or try for dark brown/wood and cream + color accent (variation on the same idea). And IKEA TOTALLY RULES.