Foto Friday: A little person

This is me, my cousin Ari, and his beautiful daughter, taken last weekend while I was back in Houston visiting my mom for her birthday. Isn’t she precious?

I believe the bells were her favorite find at my parents’ office. Probably because they make noise. I hear little people like things that are loud and obnoxious, including sometimes the sound of their own voices. Luckily my cousin’s daughter is a sweet quiet girl, and the bells in this case weren’t obnoxious at all.


  1. Angie says:

    She is too cute! I love the second photo of her reaching out with the lighting.

  2. Angie says:

    Also, nice layout change.

  3. Kristan says:

    Thanks and thanks! And I’m glad to see you around, I was beginning to wonder if you were okay. (Seriously just got online to email you, actually.)

  4. Eugene says:

    Now everyone is talking about the American economy and eclections, nice to read something different. Eugene

  5. Kristan says:

    Thanks, Eugene!

  6. phhhst says:

    OHHHH So so cute.

  7. Kristan says:

    Thanks! I just wanted to gobble her up. (And I may have nibbled on those cheeks and fingers… *halo*)

  8. Kristan says:

    Hehe, thanks. Did you ever meet her at work? I guess Ari usually came on weekends…

  9. Aisha says:

    That’s freaking adorable ahh

  10. Aisha says:

    Noo :(
    But she was probably less cute then lol, babies don’t start getting cute until around her age now.

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