me: i could never diet
i try for like, half a day and give up as soon as someone asks me if i want to join them for lunch or dinner
i tried in college after i gained freshman fifteen
but then i realized stress, work, and (recently) puppies are really the only diets that work

5 responses to “After this chat, I went to Wendy's for lunch”

  1. phhhst Avatar

    I was like you, then I turned forty. suddenly, I had extra lumps. But since I don’t like dieting, I just walk more.

  2. Rita Vindedzis Avatar

    Hey Kristan!

    Wendy’s??? I don’t like dieting either but that’s nutritional suicide!!LOL

    Thanks for visiting my blog and the lovely compliment on my art. I’ve been reading over your website. You’ve done some awesome things and you’re so young. I’ve always admired those kids that new what they want to “be” at such a young age. Guess I’m a late bloomer!


  3. Kristan Avatar

    Yeah, that’s why the puppy diet works. Particularly if, like you and I, the pup in question has any Border Collie in them. Loooots of walking and running to be done.

    Haha, yeah, but I limit myself to the Value menu, so at least I’m not spending that much money on my nutritional suicide! Right? :P

    Thanks for returning the favor! And you may be a late bloomer (which I’m not necessarily agreeing with!) but you’ve actually PRODUCED beautiful art. I’m still in the studio, so to speak. ;)

  4. Angie Avatar

    Is there a reason that you have ads on the side about dieting? Lol, I love key words.

    I live off of bread. Diet shmiet.

  5. Kristan Avatar

    Ugh, I wouldn’t mind those diet ads if they were more attractive… Speaking of keywords, if you’re interested in getting some Obama mugs, just go back to my political posts, lol.

    I live off… Chewy bars? And pasta. So yeah, diet shmiet. :P