Bloggers don’t blog! Isn’t this when we have the most time to read? Sigh. I guess I could go revise my novel or something…

  1. Jessica Avatar

    omg you could read my term papers if you are bored!

    Also, your profile pic is OH-so-cute!

  2. Alex Avatar

    Hey, you redesigned! :-)

  3. Kristan Avatar

    THANKS! It’s a new dress I got from Charlotte Russe (bday present to self) and since I have no occasion to wear it, I thought I’d just use it on my Web site. :P

    Lol yes. Did I not mention I was avoiding my novel?

    (Also, the clutter I had in the 3-column layout was starting to bug me.)

  4. phhhst Avatar

    Hi kristan – I used to put up stuff over the weeken, but figured out few poeple come by. I’m like you, I definately have more time on the weekend. But I go adventuring and see what I can find. I’m going to go read Buring Lines right now.

    — phhhst’s last blog post: Friday Foto: Thanksgiving and Living, Being There

  5. Katy Avatar

    I don’t blog on the weekend as much too because I try to stay offline as much as possible.. since I’m on the computer ALL week! I’m trying to blog at least one or two weekends a month now though!

    — Katy’s last blog post: Why I Hate Sundays

  6. Kristan Avatar

    Hehe, adventuring. I like the sound of that.

    Offline? What is that?

    Hehehe, j/k. :P (Well, sort of…) I don’t regularly blog on weekends, but I don’t purposely not blog on weekends either. But yay, I’m glad you’ll be blogging on some of them!

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