Foto Friday: China Design Now

China Design Now 002

For those of you in Cincinnati, this is your last weekend to check out the very cool exhibit China Design Now at the Cincinnati Art Museum. Literally, TWO DAYS! I really enjoyed it, and you can read why at my post on JBU.

China Design Now 003

Somehow I’m thinking I don’t do as good of a panda impression as Riley…

Like this:


Cartoonist Jimmy Margulies on being creative


Couldn't have said it better myself


  1. They’re huge! I didn’t know they were this big.

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  2. Or that bobbleheaded, eh? :P

  3. sam

    aww, they are so CUTE though! makes me want a set of little ones for my dresser or something. heh.

    sam’s recent blog post: man..

  4. Riley does look a little like a panda…

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  5. Sam-
    I would TOTALLY have bought a little set of these guys! Unfortunately all they had were these big ones (not for sale) or a postcard (not the same).

    Oh, and if you coulda seen him as a true puppy. Such a pudgy furball!

  6. i’m with you and sam, would love these on a bookcase. just noticed your header image, that is beautiful!

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  7. Thank you! The sculpture is a Chihuly. He’s very cool.

  8. that’s awesome! i wish i could go see it!

  9. I wouldn’t be surprised if it came to Houston! That’d be a really good market for it.

  10. This rocks. I would have LOVED to see it, looks like just my kind of thing.

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  11. Maybe it’ll come your way? I think it’s going to make some more museum rounds.

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