Foto Friday: Up on the rooftop

rooftop 001

I feel very mentally checked out today.

rooftop 010

Probably from lack of sleep. (My own fault. The Amazon deadline looms ever nearer.)

rooftop 012

At home in Houston (where these pictures were taken in ’06) whenever I felt this way I would climb onto my roof and just listen to music or look out over the neighborhood. Can’t do that here since we live on the bottom floor of a condo, but I’d settle for a long nap in my bed.


  1. These photos are stunning! I love the one of you on the roof. The background is wonderful.

    I would hike up my house on the roof – if the fear of breaking through the ceiling wasn’t so terrifying.

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  2. Sy-
    If you think about it, big ole construction workers get up on our roofs to put shingles on and whatnot. So I’m sure you’d be fine!

    Thank you! :)

  3. phhhst-
    Aw! Y’all should go up again sometime, for old time’s sake. :) I try to get up on my roof every now and then when I’m home visiting my parents.

    Haha, I have good balance! (Usually…)

  4. Haha this reminds me of the time I went out my window to the top of the carport, maybe I was inspired by you or maybe we both had these ideas separately… Regardless, I got stuck lol it was hilarious but also really scary. I remember asking Mimi for help but obviously she wasn’t going to do anything except meow a little. I managed to get back into my room somehow.

    I love these photos, I’m glad you took them :)

  5. LOL about asking Mimi for help. But I’m glad you like the photos! (And glad you found a way back in from the carport, haha.)

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