In honor of my discussion about Ordinary vs. Extraordinary lives and people, I’m breaking tradition and posting photos that are not my own for this special Foto Friday. Please note, all of these photos are copyright of Shreve Stockton, and I am merely posting them here to promote her story and her work.

Though I don’t know her personally, my guess is that Shreve is an extraordinary person. Formerly a city girl, she grew tired of California and decided to ride a Vespa all the way to New York City, where she planned to move. Only, along the way she fell in love with the countryside, and after arriving in NYC she decided to relocate to Wyoming instead.

There, a 10 day old baby coyote was given to her after its parents were shot for killing sheep. Knowing that his survival depended on her, Shreve welcomed Charlie into her home, much to her cat Eli’s chagrin. But now they are a happy family, and have even added another pup into the mix.

Here, briefly, is their story in photos. To see or hear more about Shreve, Charlie, and the experiences they’ve shared over the years, please check out The Daily Coyote. Since discovering it, I’ve become smitten.

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(Chloe looks rather like a certain puppy I know… ;P)


Again, all photos are copyright of Shreve Stockton, and I am merely posting them here to promote her extraordinary story.

10 responses to “Foto Friday: The extraordinary story of a woman and her coyote”

  1. Aisha Avatar

    Ahh these photos are adorable, coyotes are beautiful!

    It’s unfortunate that their territories are getting encroached upon :(

  2. Kristan Avatar

    And so cute when they’re little, I had no idea!

  3. Rebecca Avatar

    Oh, Kristan, thank you so much for this! How beautiful it all is. I have to link to her site right now. Extraordinary is right!

    • Rebecca’s recent blog post: The Sad Girl on the Train

  4. rebecca Avatar

    BTW, on the top of my sidebar I have a “Best Posts to Check Out This Week.” I posted yours. I think it is awesome.

    • rebecca’s recent blog post: The Sad Girl on the Train

  5. floreta Avatar

    thanks for sharing these!! this is totally cute. i love that wild and domestic can coexist.. and yes, i thought of your puppy too when i saw these pictures!! sooo cute.

    • floreta’s recent blog post: Why Blogging is Postmodern

  6. Kristan Avatar

    Oh wow, thanks! And I’m so glad you thought she was as awesome as I did. :)

    Kinda makes you want a coyote, no? :P

  7. Sy Avatar

    I quite enjoyed this story. And the pictures were beautiful.

    I love animals :) So happy to see this.

    • Sy’s recent blog post: Paint the City Red

  8. Krista Avatar

    that’s wonderful!

  9. Les Avatar

    Oh wow, way cool, thanks for posting!

    • Les’s recent blog post: I need a weekend

  10. sam Avatar

    i love that site. i have been reading it since iraq. what a beautiful story she tells. :)

    • sam’s recent blog post: oh em gee!