Childhood dreams

Rewatching Sailor Moon (thanks to May Ann!) reminds me of my childhood. Specifically, of my firm belief that I had super powers. Yes, on top of being a writer, I used to want to be a witch/superhero.

(A witch of the Practical Magic variety, not Hocus Pocus.)

I also used to want to be a cow girl, a veterinarian, and a jewel thief. The illegal aspiration was inspired by Honest Illusions and further reinforced by To Catch a Thief (with the beautiful Grace Kelly, who was literally a princess!).

Last but not least, I planned to own a dude ranch in Colorado with my friend Amanda. We even looked up properties and planned out a (semi-realistic) budget!

While I’ve given up on the thieving and the dude ranch — although I did teach myself to pick a lock! — I confess there’s a small part of me that still hopes and dreams of the day I discover my special powers.

In the meantime, I’ll be writing books. ;)

Which childhood dreams have you held on to, and which have you let go of? What have you accomplished? What are your dreams and aspirations now?

15 responses to “Childhood dreams”

  1. Krista Avatar

    oh kristan…i wanted to be a supermodel first. unfortunately i stopped growing at 5’3″…but kept growing the other way, if you know what i mean. a supermodel i am not.

    i DID want to be a teacher…and went to college for a little bit. until i realized i don’t really like most children, and i HATE structure, so i dropped out.

    i would still love to be a cowgirl.

  2. floreta Avatar

    i used to tell myself i had superpowers so i could feel like i could do anything.

    i wanted to be a teacher, artist, and writer.. i’m sort of tackling both.. (art, writing).

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  3. Les Avatar

    I wanted to be a vet, until I figured out that I can’t stand blood.

    Wanted to be a Grand Prix Showjumper… lots of silly things. I think I wanted to be Sailor Moon too. Actually… I think I still want that.

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  4. Angela Avatar

    I’ve been getting back into watching SM as well! Thanks, youtube (check out user sassysunbeam)! It’s a guilty pleasure!

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  5. Trisha Avatar

    I, too, imagined myself as a good witch. In fact, I spent hours with a sheet for a cape jumping with my broom off the porch and over the front hedges of the house on Euclid. I was also chanting the appropriate spell that would enable me to fly. I even had “The Good Little Witch’s Cookbook,” from which I ‘cooked’ and therefore forced my family to eat such tasty treats as peanut butter and banana sandwiches.

    As for being a thief, to this day, I have a remarkable ability to break into homes, locked cars or rooms. I haven’t ever used it to steal anything. I am, however, your go to gal if you lock yourself out or don’t feel like waiting around for the realitor to show up and you just want to take a look around an available home.

  6. Sy Avatar

    When I was younger, we could never afford cable or to borrow videos, so I watched Sailor Moon every once in a while if it showed up on basic cable. It was my favorite television show. My siblings and I would play all the time. It was soooo much fun.

    Thinking back on it, I never really aspired to be anything like a princess or superhero. I would always dream to prove people wrong. Show them I can do things and be amazing. I think that was my main goal.

    It still is.

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  7. Kristan Avatar

    Yeah, in that vein, I wanted to be tall, blonde, and named Jennifer, but certain things in life just aren’t in your control. :P

    That’s awesome. I’ll email you back about some writing stuff soon.

    Yeah, the blood did it for me too.

    Omg it’s so good! (Well, the overall story. Some of the individual episodes are silly.) And I’m finally going to get to see the later episodes that the US wouldn’t dub because they couldn’t hide the Neptune/Uranus lesbianism, wheeee!

    Maybe we ARE witches. ;) It would make sense to run in the family, right? Apparently the breaking in thing does, lol.

    Aw, I can’t imagine anyone not thinking you could be amazing. Well, you’ll show them! Heck, you already are. ;)

  8. Erin Avatar

    Can I still be a superhero? Mask not necessary, just kick-ass-itude + telekinesis. (My favorite power ever. Bryan’s is flying.)

    Meh. Maybe I can just write about the magic instead of still hoping one day I’ll levitate my bottle of water that’s sitting across the room…

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  9. Kristan Avatar

    Actually I think that is part of why I write… (Even if I don’t specifically write about having special powers.)

    I totally picked telekinesis yesterday when my friend Albert asked! And he picked flying! I wonder if there’s a gender bias…

  10. Pseudo Avatar

    Very interesting. Although an entire genration older than you, I had similar thougths as a child. Totally kept waiting for my Bewitched or Jeanie powers. And totally thought I’d end up on a horse ranch.

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  11. D'Arcy Avatar

    I was absolutely transfixed on Grace Kelly growing up..she had that breathless charm I always wanted.

    I dreamed of living in Paris as a child. I’m glad when dreams come true.

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  12. Kristan Avatar

    Wow. Isn’t life funny that way? Everything changes, but everything stays the same.

    Omigosh, I know!

    Mmm, Paris… I have a dream of living part-time in Spain. [crosses fingers]

  13. Diane Avatar

    I wanted to be an obstetrician when I was younger. Something about pregnant women and delivering babies seemed fascinating…I loved watching movies like “Nine Months” and “Junior”. But as someone else mentioned earlier, my aversion to blood ended that dream.

  14. Kristan Avatar

    Obstetrician, eh? I did love “Nine Months”…