Foto Friday: Jersey Boys and dinosaurs in Chicago

Last weekend in Chicago was lovely. We saw Jersey Boys, which was great! And one of the main characters was played by CMU alum Shonn Wiley. (The Bank of America Theatre was not so great, though. Poor auditorium design…)

We also got to enjoy some good eats thanks to Restaurant Week, and the weather was cold but not unbearable. And really, what more can you ask of Chicago in February, eh?

A few highlights:

Day 2 - Millenium and Grant Park 004

The Bean (or the Cloud) with snow on it! Also, there were like no people. It was rather surreal.

Day 2 - Millenium and Grant Park 037

Thanks to my dad, I’ll always have a thing for rail lines.

Day 2 - Field Museum 036

The Field Museum, which we quickly learned is the home of Sue, the largest, most complete, best preserved T-Rex.


  1. They named the world’s most complete, best preserved, and largest t-rex “Sue”? That’s like the Alien vs. Monsters trailer that’s coming out soon with that giant over-grown girl.

    Blob, to overgrown 50-story-tall girl: “What do they call you? Like when you’re coming down the street. Look out everone! Here comes…”
    Girl: “Susan?”
    Blob: “Here come Suuuuuusan. Wow, I scared myself a little there.”

  2. I love rail lines!

    Also, I just realized how pretty your banner for Feb. is! Good thing I noticed before it got changed :)

  3. Albie-
    Haha, I’m not sure I want to see that movie, but that was like the only part of the trailer that made me laugh!

    Hehe! Did you guys also have eternal plans to put up a model railroad in your home somewhere, “someday”??

    Aw, you’d be so close if you came!! But… I don’t think I can afford to go this year, especially since I’m saving up for the writing conference instead. :( I know TFAH is going, though!

    Is that on Michigan Ave?

    Thank you!! :)

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