Riley 4 life 055

Because he will lick your face.

(“Eeewww!” “Grooooossss!” I know, I know.)

In preparation for a Girls’ Night I’m hosting at my place in a couple weeks, I told my friends that they’d have to watch out because Riley is a big licker. They said they were looking forward to it. I said, “No no, you have no idea how much this puppy licks. He licked Andy’s face 178 times!”

Eyes wide, Kate asked, “In a week?”

I laughed. “In a 2-minute span.”

Riley 4 life 043

It’s their nightly ritual.

Like this:


Learn to love the fool in me


Little devils


  1. Kristen

    Such a cute dog!

    Mine are lickers too, not as much as yours, and that’s a good thing because one has “fish” breath. Yuck. :D

  2. BC is a licker too.

    • Pseudo’s recent blog post: Friday Foto: Remembering "The Book Lady"

  3. Hmm, I wonder if it’s partially a Border Collie trait, then? Kristen’s dogs (at least one of them) is part BC too, I think.

    I’m glad Riley doesn’t seem to have the fish breath though! :P

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