The next episode of Twenty-Somewhere will be posted later this week, when I’m done freaking out about this:


Thank you for participating in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. We received thousands of submissions and were impressed with the incredible talent and creativity demonstrated by participating authors this year. We are happy to inform you that you have been selected to move forward in the contest.

Now that you’re a Quarterfinalist, Amazon customers can read, rate and review your excerpt while your manuscript is being reviewed by Publishers Weekly. Last year, tens of thousands of reviews were written by customers and fellow contestants giving authors valuable feedback on their writing. You can find your excerpt on via the following link:, and access the main contest page where all entries are located at

Good luck!

(Emphasis added by me, because that’s what it looked/felt like when I read it.)

While I go lie down and try to recover from the shock, PLEASE GO RATE/REVIEW ME! And though I’m not explicitly asking you to give me high ratings just so I can move forward in the contest and possibly achieve my wildest dreams, I will say that you could always rate your support of me and then tell me what you really think via email… (COUGH COUGH)


UPDATE: To clarify, Amazon also has special reviewers reading my Full Manuscript, and their evaluation combined with the 2 reviews of my Excerpt and the ratings/reviews I get from the public, will be used to decide whether or not I move forward.

So to help me, please download (for free) the Excerpt, and then submit a rating & review. The higher the rating, the more points (or “votes”) I get as part of my equation.

I would also love to know your feedback, whether you want to post it publicly or just email me privately.

Again, thankyouthankyouthankyou! (And yes, I’m still bugging out.)

14 responses to “OMFG! Please vote for rate me!”

  1. Todd Newton Avatar


    I got rejected at the excerpt stage, but at least I made it through the pitch stage.

    Way to go!

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  2. Kristan Avatar

    Thanks so much, Todd!

    Someone else near and dear to me is in the same boat as you, and I think you’re right: it’s great to know that you have a strong idea, and maybe it’s just that the beginning needs some work.

    Frankly I’m floored I got out of that boat and into this one. I was definitely expecting the reverse situation for me and my friend.

  3. Todd Newton Avatar

    Right, it just boosts my confidence a bit for when I query this one to agents. The story is well-liked by just about everyone who sees it; it’s probably just the writing that needs work.

    Keep us updated on how far you go!

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  4. Kristen Avatar

    Wow, that’s awesome! Don’t worry, you have my vote! :D Power to my fellow HAPA!

  5. Todd Newton Avatar

    I didn’t see a place to “vote” but I did read the excerpt and gave you a glowing review – well deserved, of course. Fantastic piece. Good luck with the rest of the contest!

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  6. Kristan Avatar

    You’re right, Todd: it’s more “rate & review” than “vote” — too freaked out to think clearly, haha.

    Thanks so much, guys!

  7. Pseudo Avatar

    Kristan! So proud and happy for you. Of course I will go and read it, but after I get home from work so I won’t be rushed.

    Congrats and best of luck fo rthe rounds to come ; -))))

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  8. Alex Avatar

    CONGRATS! I’m so happy for you!

    Okay, when I’m back from my meetings this afternoon, the first thing I’m going to do is go to Amazon and give you a glowing review. :-D

  9. floreta Avatar

    congrats! this makes more sense than your twitter post ;)

    i will definitely vote for you for sure. how exciting!!!

    unrelated: have you seen the book 100% Hapa (i think it’s called??). it’s a photography project of different hapa people. i always look at it in the bookstore, and if i ever have a kid, i’m going to buy it for them.

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  10. Jessica Avatar

    That’s amazing. Congratulations! I’ll have to read that later this week :D

  11. Kristan Avatar

    Thank you! I appreciate everyone’s help and support!

  12. Angie Avatar

    As Facebook would say, Angie likes this.

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  13. Lauren Avatar

    Yea well my current project will probably only be 17,000 words which isn’t enough but maybe by next year I will have a novel ready for it. I have to have a full manuscript finished by the time I graduate so.
    CRWROPPS had a great contest the other day where the winner gets round trip plane tickets to anywhere they want.

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  14. Kristan Avatar

    Omigosh what an awesome contest, thanks for telling me about it!! I just signed up for that list, so I would have missed it. I wonder if I can find/write something to enter…!