1. “Everything in life is writable” – very, very true. It took me ages to believe in this though and was always trying to write around stuff that was important to me. Now I’ve finally figured out (I think) how to combine stuff that’s important to me/stuff I want to say with the right fiction techniques to actually make a readable story. Well, I think I have. Great quote!

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  2. interesting that you referenced Sylvia Plath, concidering I just read about her son’s suicide.

    But re your comment, BSG makes me cry all the time and normally nothing makes me cry. There are some scenes no matter how many times I’ve seen then I still cry like when the President was first sworn in. The finale had a few weak moments but over all it was amazing and I couldnt think of a better way to end it.

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  3. All-

    Haha, well I’m a big baby and I cry at everything, but yeah, some BSG scenes, no matter how many times, never lessen their impact. (A lot of the Boomer scenes, for me.)

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