The only thing missing


“I don’t think I’ve ever said it before, but I always wanted to be proud of you. I guess I always felt that was the only thing missing.”

– Caprica to Gaius, in the series finale of Battlestar Galactica

2 responses to “The only thing missing”

  1. D'Arcy Avatar

    Did you know that BG is based on many Mormon ideologies and traditions? It’s a bit awesome. I have yet to watch it, but I’ve read up on it and am going to put it in my netflicks queue!!

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  2. Kristan Avatar

    Haha, I had no idea! Why is the LDS faith suddenly such a common theme in my recreational pursuits? First Dooce, then Stephenie Meyer, and now BSG?! (Well, in fairness BSG came before Meyer, but I didn’t know BSG had Mormon ties.)

    They’re slowly taking over the world! Freaky…