Happy Easter!

I’m not religious, but Easter was one of my favorite holidays growing up. I mean, who doesn’t love yummy chocolate, baby chicks, and giant bunny rabbits? In fact, I was a lot more upset to learn that the Easter Bunny wasn’t real than Santa Claus. But maybe I always suspected Santa. His handwriting was too similar to my dad’s distinctive architect’s lettering.

old Easter pic 001

This is me (age 10-ish), my friend Austin, some random girl I don’t know, and Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny. I’m not sure I knew there was a Mrs. Easter Bunny before that day, but hey, every-bunny needs some-bunny, right?

9 responses to “Happy Easter!”

  1. floreta Avatar

    oh supercute!!!!
    happy easter :)

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  2. Aisha Avatar

    Haha “some random girl I don’t know.”
    Do you know where this picture was taken?

  3. Kristan Avatar

    At the old clubhouse where we keep our boat. (It’s since been remodeled, and then most recently it was closed after Ike.)

  4. KristEn Avatar

    That’s too cute!

    You’re lucky you have that picture. My parents are still hoarding mine and my brothers! Lol.

    I hope you had a great Sunday (Easter that is)!

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  5. RTW Avatar

    such an adorable pic! I would save my plastic easter eggs for months after all the chocolate inside was gone… and my dad’s an architect too. :-)

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  6. Angie Avatar

    Haha cute, and Austin too. I remember him and my sister hanging out–the eye patch kids.

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  7. sam Avatar

    you were such an adorable kid!! and i loved easter, too. can’t wait to do a belated easter egg hunt with my stepsons this weekend. <3

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  8. JLC Avatar

    No no not at all!! I do too!

    I just edited it… haha! Lots of love. xoxo

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