The amazing Pseudonymous High School Teacher has lived many lives — as a woman, mother, teacher, writer, cocktail waitress… You name it, she’s probably done it. Currently she lives in Hawaii with her husband, daughter, son, and Border Collie. Pseudo writes humorous anecdotes and poignant stories (often both in one) about her family, her students, her childhood in California, and sometimes even snarky Christmas newsletters. She also mixes in photos of paradise where she lives to gloat share the beauty with her readers.

I’m so happy to have one of my first and best internet friends guest blogging for me today. Thanks, Pseudo!

To Write to Live to Live to Write

Aka, the artist’s conundrum. As a writer, and I think this must hold true with other types of artists, a constant challenge is to balance writing and living. There is the practical side to this, the responsibilities of a full life. Especially if one does not earn an income from his or her writing. One like me for instance. So life is full of the things that must be tended. Jobs, homes, vehicles. Families, children, elderly relatives.

Then there is the living that feels like touching the essential fabric of our very existence. For me this means getting out into nature, having adventures, being with friends and family in moments of relaxation and celebration, amid laughter and love. Moments alone on long walks where my mind can settle and ideas are born.

Sitting in front of a computer for hours on end is difficult for me. I can only go so long before I need to get up and about. It’s wonderful when the writing is going so well that hours pass like minutes, but it is not always like that.

Then there is the business side of writing itself. Balancing art and business is not a sport for lightweights.

I got into blogging to reconnect to my creative side and in my opinion it is working. I also have met friends who have helped me on my journey back into writing.

Recently I’ve learned that the blogging community and the readers who follow me are a helpful step towards recognition as a writer.

So I must cultivate this from both a social aspect as well as a practical aspect.

Will it go round in circles?
Will it fly high like a bird up in the sky?
I got a song that ain’t got no melody…

This seesaw is interesting, challenging, and a slippery slope.

Spend too much time on the computer and I’m antsy for adventure.

Spend too much time adventuring and I don’t have time to write.

Relax and make sure I have idle time and down time so I don’t go insane.

Don’t relax so much that creating and living are neglected.

Are we human? Or are we dancers?

Or are we both?

Do we need to see and feel the dance in our more human, more mundane moments? And to feel the dancer living through the everyday routines?

15 responses to “The Artist’s Conundrum”

  1. Beth Avatar

    I think we are both – human and dancers.

    Beautiful piece, Psuedo. Just beautiful!

    • Beth’s recent blog post: Not so tough after all

  2. blueviolet Avatar

    We’re definitely both and I’m glad for that. You did a great guest spot here.

    And I really do hope that you get to wherever you want to be with your writing/publishing, etc.

    • blueviolet’s recent blog post: I’m Restricting Myself to Clear Liquids Only

  3. Melissa B. Avatar

    The Billy Preston reference dates you, Pseudo. So I guess it must date me, too? But I agree with you one hundred and ten percent! I got into blogging to get back into writing, and I’m still trying to find that balance between writing and my “real” responsibilities. Sometimes, however, I feel more dedicated to my “muse” than to anything else…is that a crime? I don’t think so.

    • Melissa B.’s recent blog post: Chicago Reflection: Can You See What I See?

  4. Pseudo Avatar

    Thanks Beth. Me too.

    • Pseudo’s recent blog post: In Ohio Today..

  5. Sprite's Keeper Avatar

    I’d like to think that we are both too, as long as the dancing is not Zumba. Since I apparently suck at that.

    • Sprite’s Keeper’s recent blog post: HASAY: Looking for another way

  6. Amy Avatar

    You are such a wonderful writer and guest blogger. Have a great day.

    • Amy’s recent blog post: The Polka Dot Daisy

  7. Oz Girl Avatar

    Pseudo, a wonderful post. I may not be a creative writer, or have the dilemmas you have in this arena. But I think we all struggle to balance our lives with our jobs and home, and then try to balance work at home with recreation time.

    I agree with Beth, in a way we are both human and dancers, trying to strike a delicate and even balance between all the elements in our lives. In today’s fast-paced world, not an easy task by any means.

    • Oz Girl’s recent blog post: No Dream is Unattainable

  8. Eileen Avatar

    I am on a blog jag right now. I like to figure everything out about a certain topic…then I usually move on.

    I am curious if I move on from blogging to another interest??

    I try to dance. And prefer to dance all the time.

    • Eileen’s recent blog post: Sunday Advice Columns

  9. Em Avatar

    Pseudo – you know I respect you and your opinion immensely.

    After this wonderful post + a Brandon montage, I think I might now be a stalker.

    Excellent. Put my vote in the “dancer” column.

    • Em’s recent blog post: Hope you took your Dramamine.

  10. Pseudo Avatar

    Today is a day where I need to constantly remind myself there is a dance going on to the seeming grind of errands. Took the newly 17 year old to change his provisional liscence to a real one, and to open up a checking account for him since he has his first job. Each of these places had lines, waits, and swallowed large chunks of time. The boy was hungry and irritable. Plus a post office run with a 20 minute line. I know some day when I look back on today and the boy moving into these big adult spaces will be huge. But as of now, I’m just sucker punched. Maybe if I watch the video a couple more times….

    • Pseudo’s recent blog post: In Ohio Today..

  11. jessica Avatar

    it’s hard to find the right balance. I too need to get up from my computer and reboot for a few hours. Pardon the pun.

    • jessica’s recent blog post: A Random Act of Kindness IN L.A.!

  12. floreta Avatar

    aw what a great guest entry and fitting for kristan’s blog! i also started blogging to help get back into creativity and so far it’s working. i daydream ideas on how it could get past that into realm of business but i haven’t taken that step (leap?) yet.

    • floreta’s recent blog post: Archive Monday: My God

  13. Kristan Avatar

    Sprite’s Keeper-
    I’ve heard of Zumba… You make it sound scary! :P

    Oz Girl-
    I’m with you 100%! I think it’s a balance we’re all looking for.

    OY sounds rough. Thanks so much for this wonderful post! I hope it serves as (self-)inspiration for you as much as it has for all of us.

  14. Smart Mouth Broad Avatar

    It’s dancing that I do but grace that I lack.
    Balance is key. I’m striving toward it. A never ending quest for balance. I’m a very slow learner apparently.

    • Smart Mouth Broad’s recent blog post: I WONDER AS I WANDER

  15. debbie Avatar

    Now I have that song stuck in my mind!
    Great post.

    • debbie’s recent blog post: Of Festivals and Mullets