Nope, Riley has nothing to do with the Kenyon Review Writers Workshop. But I sure do miss him!

Anyway, I’m alive and well and writing/learning lots. More details when I return. (I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday, and at the same time only Wednesday…)

Coming up I’ve got one more guest blog, as well as the next episode of Twenty-Somewhere. So stay tuned!

4 responses to “Kenyon Review Writers Workshop update”

  1. Katrina Avatar

    OMG. WHAT a cutie. It’s all in the ears. :-)
    Have fun!

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  2. Lauren Avatar

    OO i just got back from my grad residency, hope you are enjoying workshop. I do love the workshop atmosphere.

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  3. Kristan Avatar

    It has been AWESOME!

  4. Emily Hallinan Avatar

    Riley is such a cutie!