My first writing award

I iz so awkward. :(

I updated the front page of my site to help publicize my Kindle/iPhone/iPod Touch listings to newcomers.

The Blog
Twenty-Somewhere: Episodes 1-4
Twenty-Somewhere: Episodes 5-8

To an extent this all feels silly, but it’s also fun! (And probably good practice.)

Like this:


Why not? (Giving things a shot)


This week’s links


  1. Woo! Congratulations!
    .-= Recent post by Todd Newton: Getting back on schedule =-.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAH!! Love it. I was cracking up. I love how Riley is like, um, what’s going on.
    .-= Recent post by Angie: Let’s Cook: Pea wonton ravioli, radish crostini =-.

  3. Aurora

    yeah I like the dog. =P

  4. Trisha

    $.35 Wooohooo! You are on your way!

  5. Joe

    You should totally hook up with that announcer.

  6. haha y’all are too precious!

  7. HAHA, y’all’s comments crack me up!

  8. Oh my. You two are so cute and so young. And so cute.
    .-= Recent post by Pseudo: Bits from the North Shore: RTT =-.

  9. Sofia

    Love the site, the idea of 20SW, your creativity and your energy! I was in the ABNA contest but sadly didn’t get around to reading The Good Daughters then. I read the excerpt just now and thoroughly enjoyed it. Don’t slow down! :)

  10. lol sooo cute. i love how he doesn’t let go of your handshake. and riley is there!! :D
    .-= Recent post by floreta: Ruby Red: Where’s Waldo =-.

  11. Thanks, Sofia!

  12. I love how the dog walks in looks mildly interested and then wanders away bored. Silly humans
    .-= Recent post by Lauren: a spoon full of sugar helps the criticism go down =-.

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