Speaking of Amazon…

20SWeps0912kindleI’m up to episodes 9-12 of Twenty-Somewhere for Kindle/iPhone/iPod! So far I’m really enjoying this “experiment.” I’ve only sold about a dozen copies between the 3 episode “bundles,” but it’s fun to obsessively check see my Amazon Sales Ranks and to realize that someone liked the stories enough to buy all 3!!

I think the plan for 20SW is to continue writing episodes until the end of 2009. Then I need a break. I will leave off in such a way that MJ, Claudia, and Sophie get some closure, but of course we’ll know there are more adventures to come. I’ve already envisioned a novel for these 3 women, but I have at least 1 other book to finish before I get started on a project like that…

Speaking of things I don’t have time for, Angie and I recently redesigned our joint blog. I love the new look, and now I’m itching to redesign my site…

Too bad that would be silly right now. I have too many other things to write do. Sigh.

Speaking of distractions, yesterday I received my copy of Bad Things Happen by Harry Dolan, an Amazon Breakthrough Novel from 2007-2008. BTH didn’t win, but it was my favorite entry, and I am SO excited to be reading the whole thing!

(Other 07-08 ABNA books coming soon: Casting Off by Nicole Dickson and The Wet Nurse’s Tale by Erica Eisdorfer!)

Speaking of funny — I wasn’t? Oh, oops. Well, I’m not funny, so I probably won’t enter/win, but if you are funny (JOE) then you should think about entering the Funniest Analogy contest at Writer Unboxed. You could get a lot of attention for your blog/site, or at the very least, some good laughs.

4 responses to “Speaking of Amazon…”

  1. GingerMandy Avatar

    if i had my own work on amazon i would no doubt be checking it obsessively too!

    i didn’t know you had a joint blog either, your header is awesome. i’m gonna go check it out in a few. :)
    .-= Recent post by GingerMandy: The topic of this blog is mayonnaise, but you won’t know that until close to the end. Sorry. =-.

  2. Angie Avatar

    w00t! on all accounts (I learned that is the right way apparently to write woot.)

    I couldn’t see the funniest analogy contest though.

  3. Kristan Avatar

    Oh they moved the link, thanks for letting me know!